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Some Sci-Fi stuff for my Shadowrun Campaign

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Been taking a break from painting big dragons, and working on some stuff for my ever-ongoing Shadowrun campaign. I needed some opposition to teach my players 'professionalism', so here's Team Alpha... Mostly Hasselfree, and as always my photography is terrible :)


IMG_0560.thumb.JPG.8fa6b9c106d84e7868213bdb5b0604fc.JPG IMG_0562.thumb.JPG.d42fc828f5a0417dabf09605d7272880.JPG IMG_0559.thumb.JPG.7503ed9298a6d771b4b3caad66987f91.JPG

IMG_0563.thumb.JPG.8f07a241e355d0b390a68b8882b844b8.JPG IMG_0564.thumb.JPG.aafc7ff73e5cb4a9aed75ed8a44ce51d.JPG IMG_0566.thumb.JPG.461219b96b6ef7172cac78124d35581c.JPG

IMG_0565.thumb.JPG.128ed470e293e0c01235ae8888b34456.JPG IMG_0575.thumb.JPG.3eacbe924a452f8a10229fb91d7d92ee.JPG


And, some group shots:





I'm just noticing now how dark these are... I need to figure out white balance!!!

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I'm playing Shadow Run Dragon Fall on my ipad right now and you nailed the look. I got a SR feel off these miniatures. Well done.

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They are a FANTASTIC looking collection of Rogues, BEAUTIFULLY painted in an attractive selection of colors...red is my favorite color. VERY WELL DONE!

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Hasslefree is a great resource for good sci fi figures.  I see some nice Reaper figures in here too (especially that cyber troll).  This is a good solid group of intimidating antagonists.


You might have an easier time with the photography if you had a neutral grey background instead of a white one.

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Hey! Thanks for the praise, all. I've been using minis occasionally for SR for years, and Hasslefree's stuff's been a contender for a while... Heck, Kev White's stuff was good for SR back in the Void days, as well.


3 hours ago, Thorn_678 said:

Love the reds! What paint is it?


Well, let's see... I'm fairly sure that my mix was something along the lines of Citadel 'Foundation Red' as my base, highlight with GC 'Firey Red', and a liberal use of 'Carroburg Crimson' wash. My final highlight was Citadel's 'Pink Horror', for sure. I'be been messing with the new Citadel paints, since the FLGS carries them all... and not a lot more.




3 hours ago, Pingo said:

You might have an easier time with the photography if you had a neutral grey background instead of a white one.


Thanks for the tip! I will totally try that out. 

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    • By Smokestack
      Kickstarter is now Live:
      From their facebook page
      "For those of you who have missed our newsletter teases, yes, we are dipping our toe in the Kickstarter waters. And yes it will be very soon, in fact as soon as I've finished up the last of the image work.
      More information will come but the basic gist is that it is for a themed set of miniatures based on Matt Dixon artwork.
      Not only has Matt done his usual pin-up style for us but has also helped us out with some 'Winter' variants and on top of that I've gone and ruined his beautiful art by drawing nudity over the top of it for our 'Skyclad' variants :)
      The Kickstarter will initially be for 4 fantasy females, each with their 3 variants (so 12 minis in total) and 'hopefully' we'll go from there. We have artwork for a number of other females, plus 1 male and a few 'add on's, so we'll see how it goes :)
      This is a pretty big chunk of Kev's time, hence the Kickstarter to gauge interest, and for those of you who aren't into Fantasy, don't worry, we'll be running HF as usual, including releases, while Kev is busy with Kickstarter business :)?
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      Not sure if ut will only be metal or if they will offer their resin ones as well.
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      This is another of the PCs for the "Exalted" campaign set in White Wolf's World of Darkness which I'm currently involved in.
      This character was a medieval Persian vampire who reverted to human when she Exalted as a Zenith caste Solar.  Among other things, she has a sword which shines with the light of the Sun.
      The figure is from Hasslefree, HFA004 "Kat", sculpted by Kev White.  There's a WIP thread here.
      The lighting effect changes a lot at different angles so I included lots of pictures.









    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      I'm going to be running Savage Rifts some in the new year (at least until everyone gets tired of either 1) dying, or 2) being indestructible, or 3) wants to go play some 5e.
      For those that don't know, Rifts is Palladium Games "everything and the kitchen sink" game setting; magic, psionics, sci-fi, monsters, giant robots, dragons, aliens... you name it.  Its actually the game I started out my RPG journey on, many, many years ago.  So when Pinnacle decided to Kickstarter a Savage Worlds version of Rifts, I had to pledge.
      Since we had an open time (one game ended, our other one is on break due to renovations) I figured we could try it out.
      Palladium has some older Rifts minis, and I got some of them ages ago. I'm planning to paint up some of those as needed.  I'm very reluctant to buy any new ones from them (until I get phase 2 Robotech figs, or the world ends in some apocalypse, whichever comes first (I'm guessing the apocalypse)) so I'm also looking for other alternatives (also, the Rifts minis are pretty dated, small compared to the current scale, and even then the scale seems to fluctuate between figs). Suggestions are welcome.
      Some of what I'll be assembling/painting are proxies.  I've seen nothing in 28mm that looks much like a UAR-1 Enforcer, but I have a nice big stompy Weird War 2 mecha from West Wind that will be at least (scale) 20 ft tall. I've got a couple of old VOID mechs that should get some paint on them.
      And starting out I've got some Reaper Cyber-Reavers I ordered aas part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.  These will be painted up as Coalition Skelebots.

      Just cleaning them up an removing mold lines so far.  Haven't decided yet if I'm just going to put them on the slottas with a little putty or find some resin bases.  They are just mooks so keeping it simple would make sense, but they are also easily posed so could take advantage of some interesting bases. Bases I'd need to find, in boxes......hmmmm.
    • By buglips*the*goblin
      So back in October 2017, the night before my first trip to Reapercon, I happened to be on eBay.ca and randomly stumbled across a Ral Partha Shadowrun Feathered Serpent listed by a seller located in Canada.  Being the more unusual all-metal variant, the vast majority of them being resin and Ralidium, it caught my interest.  Especially being in Canada, because eBay's global shipping program really ramps up shipping costs so it killed my ability to buy from US sellers except at dire need.  However, as I needed all of my hoarded money for ReaperCon and travel expenses, I couldn't buy it right then, so I added it to my watch list.  Then I went to ReaperCon and forgot all about it.
      Shortly after I came back home, very exhausted, I fell asleep on my couch with the 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide on my face and woke up around 8 pm.  For some reason I felt compelled to check my email, and there was an "item ending soon" notice.  So, with 5 minutes to spare, I bought it. 
      Now... my life is weird.  Not really super weird, it's just that for some reason my reality operates on the premise of "why do something normal when you can add a weird subplot?"   And so it is here, because I discovered that this all-metal beastie was made of lead.  I had heard of all-metal Feathered Serpents, but always assumed they were later lead-free production on account of Partha's resin experiment going drastically awry and being unpopular with customers.  I had never heard of a lead version, and if asked before getting one I would have guessed such a thing didn't exist.  So I had a mystery!
      To solve this mystery, I needed information.  So I started at the first logical place - Lost Minis Wiki, hoping maybe there was a clue to be had.  Well, imagine my surprise when the Feathered Serpent there not only resembled mine... it actually WAS mine!  The very casting I had in my hands! 
      So!  Since this creature is presently recorded for posterity as the exemplar on what is currently one of the top resources for old miniatures, and as I am never one to turn away from a weird and convoluted tale, I decided that its long-overdue transition from box to beautiful should also be recorded for posterity.  So here we are, and here we go!


    • By kristof65
      It's been 6 years since I last played a sci-fi table top game in 28mm.  Wondering what is out there BESIDES 40k these days? What are you playing and/or what do you recommend?

      My favorite in the past were 40k 2e and Necromunda.  I prefer more skirmish level, and capable of handling multiple players/sides. 
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