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Some Sci-Fi stuff for my Shadowrun Campaign

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Been taking a break from painting big dragons, and working on some stuff for my ever-ongoing Shadowrun campaign. I needed some opposition to teach my players 'professionalism', so here's Team Alpha... Mostly Hasselfree, and as always my photography is terrible :)


IMG_0560.thumb.JPG.8fa6b9c106d84e7868213bdb5b0604fc.JPG IMG_0562.thumb.JPG.d42fc828f5a0417dabf09605d7272880.JPG IMG_0559.thumb.JPG.7503ed9298a6d771b4b3caad66987f91.JPG

IMG_0563.thumb.JPG.8f07a241e355d0b390a68b8882b844b8.JPG IMG_0564.thumb.JPG.aafc7ff73e5cb4a9aed75ed8a44ce51d.JPG IMG_0566.thumb.JPG.461219b96b6ef7172cac78124d35581c.JPG

IMG_0565.thumb.JPG.128ed470e293e0c01235ae8888b34456.JPG IMG_0575.thumb.JPG.3eacbe924a452f8a10229fb91d7d92ee.JPG


And, some group shots:





I'm just noticing now how dark these are... I need to figure out white balance!!!

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I'm playing Shadow Run Dragon Fall on my ipad right now and you nailed the look. I got a SR feel off these miniatures. Well done.

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They are a FANTASTIC looking collection of Rogues, BEAUTIFULLY painted in an attractive selection of colors...red is my favorite color. VERY WELL DONE!

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Hasslefree is a great resource for good sci fi figures.  I see some nice Reaper figures in here too (especially that cyber troll).  This is a good solid group of intimidating antagonists.


You might have an easier time with the photography if you had a neutral grey background instead of a white one.

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Hey! Thanks for the praise, all. I've been using minis occasionally for SR for years, and Hasslefree's stuff's been a contender for a while... Heck, Kev White's stuff was good for SR back in the Void days, as well.


3 hours ago, Thorn_678 said:

Love the reds! What paint is it?


Well, let's see... I'm fairly sure that my mix was something along the lines of Citadel 'Foundation Red' as my base, highlight with GC 'Firey Red', and a liberal use of 'Carroburg Crimson' wash. My final highlight was Citadel's 'Pink Horror', for sure. I'be been messing with the new Citadel paints, since the FLGS carries them all... and not a lot more.




3 hours ago, Pingo said:

You might have an easier time with the photography if you had a neutral grey background instead of a white one.


Thanks for the tip! I will totally try that out. 

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      I liked the sculpt so much I accidentally got two of him. So I painted the other up as a vampire / zombie. I finished him a little earlier and there is a thread here.
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