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Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

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So we've got Ranger, Summoner and what else?


And range or melee focused ranger?


I'll be going towards a supply focused cleric and am wondering if I should make a bow focus or melee focused cleric for when I run out of spells.

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1 hour ago, Darcstaar said:

Haldir, we may be full.  If someone drops, you're next up as an alternate.


Cranky, that character concept is fine, but I'd have you reroll the stats per my method.

It would also put your character into the "wild card" position, which would require DR to somehow get trapfinding into his ranger.

If DR wants to do this, it could be as easy as changing the archetype to an "Urban ranger."

If DR doesn't want to be an Urban Ranger, I'll let him swap out Endurance for Trapfinding at 3rd level, and he can add Disable Device as a class skill at 1st level.


The player's guide is available for free from the Paizo website.


No worries, like I said, if you need to fill.

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What is a supply cleric?


Character Creation:

4d6, take the best 3 dice, reroll all 1's, even if you have to reroll a 1 multiple times.  Stat rolls will be 6-18.

Please notate somewhere if you are taking favored class HP or Skill Point.

Traits are in play.  Rich Parents is acceptable.

Max Starting Gold for your class.

If you are thinking of a race from Advanced Race Guide, let me know which one so I can approve or disapprove.

Options in Advanced Player's Guide are acceptable for the core classes and Summoner.


For game play:

We are going to be on a grid as much as possible/reasonable.

Initiative is individual rolls, just like in the tabletop game.

Attacks of Opportunity: I'll do my best to help pathfinding the grid to make sure you aren't triggering them, or double-checking if you want to move a certain way if I see you triggering an AOO.

HP at subsequent levels: Will roll your hit die.  If you don't get at least half-round-up, then you get half round up.  Example: If you are a fighter (d10) and roll a 1, you get 6 HP that level.

Fast XP advancement track (this may be moot, since they tell GM what level characters should be, and with 5 characters, I don't know if the XP would work out right).

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Yes. Feats and traits from Core, APG, ARG, RotRL PG.


2 traits total.  If you use 1 campaign trait, then 1 non-campaign trait.  You don't have to use a campaign trait.

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I'm sorry, that's just a lot to take in...

Not even sure where the traits are in the core rulebook... And the way everything is laid out it's really hard for me to get a good "feel" for the classes.

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