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Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

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last call if you forgot to fill in the PM or want to late pledge, 2 weeks only



Hello Wanderers!

We have some good/important news for you, which applies to backers who missed the Pledge Manager as well as Late Backers!

First up, well cover backers who missed the Pledge Manager:

BACKERS who MISSED the Pledge Manager

So, we've discussed it with our Pledge Management partner, CrowdOx, and figured out we can open up the Pledge Manager again for any of you who missed it! This will ONLY BE OPEN for 2 WEEKS.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The Pledge Manager will ONLY BE OPEN FOR 2 ADDITIONAL WEEKS, starting today at 5pm EST and ending on March 26th at 5pm EST.**

You will receive an email to the address tied to your Kickstarter account within an hour of this update going out, inviting you to fill out and complete the survey. Make sure to check your spam folders and to make sure your filters aren't blocking Kickstarter's emails. PLEASE make sure you do this within the next two weeks, as we cannot guarantee when your delivery date will be if you do not.

Next up, lets talk about late pledges:

Late Pledges

While the Pledge Manager is open for backers to get their orders in, this also means that we'll have the Late Pledges open again! Make sure to tell anyone who might have missed out on it originally that we have it available again, but ONLY for a limited time.

Here's the link to Late Pledge: EDIT Link removed as per forum rules, (visit the KS update direct if you need it)

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The Pledge Manager will ONLY BE OPEN FOR 2 ADDITIONAL WEEKS, starting today at 5pm EST and ending on March 26th at 5pm EST.**


We will be attending Adepticon this year! We'll be hosted by the lovely people over at Secret Weapon, so make sure to come by and say hey! We'll be running demo's of the intro scenario the whole show, with potential to show some of the more involved scenarios after hours.

That's all we've got for now! More sculpt pics incoming later this week. Until next time, #keepcalmandwanderon!

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In the latest update they show the last finalized minis, and T-shirts!

(The T-shirts are available now... )


I need a Bearshark T-shirt.

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