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Carnevale 2.0 kickstarter by TT Combat

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Carnevale is a tactical narrative miniatures game set in 1790's Venice. Safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity. Strange creatures rise from the canals, the ruling class play violent games with lesser men, and the population of Venice try to survive. All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night.

Carnevale is a game that focuses on movement and brutal combat. You're as likely to see two people battling in the streets as you are to see warriors jumping from rooftop to rooftop and drowning their opponents in the canals. Using the tight streets and watery dangers to your advantage will ensure victory, and if it doesn't, some well-timed magic spells might!

Carnevale is a narrative game that sees gamers play through various scenarios with their gangs of fighters. The games skirmishes allow for in depth storytelling, and we have made an effort to streamline rules in order to let the action take place on the tabletop, rather than spending too much time keeping track in the pages of a rulebook. The tactical flexibility opens up when building your gangs how you want, using many varied members to different effect.


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This looks pretty interesting. I have one mini by this company and its pretty nice.


The game looks like fun. Lots of factions, a little bit of everything. I like the Strigoi faction. I will keep an eye on this. Another bad timing KS but the entry point is not very steep.


This is the mini I have. Its resin, the resin feels a lot like plastics with some give but not rubbery or brittle. I don't think this mini is part of the game though...


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Gah. I thought this game had gone the way of the Dodo so it's nice to see someone has picked t up. I have some of their metal miniatures from this range and they're seriously nice


Related imageImage result for carnevale strigoiImage result for carnevale strigoi



Not sure I'm going to be able to resist this

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Crud! They resculpted Baba Yaga, the original was so cool!


They've got some good minis in there, but I'm not a fan of everything in bundles, there always seems to be at least a couple of minis I don't like in each batch.



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6 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

I thought this seemed familiar.

Glad to hear it wasn't just my figmentia jumping to the next level.

Surely there isn't a next level. You've reached the figmentia ceiling

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Some of the details seem to have been sculpted too soft to me.. but I'm in for a couple minis.. because clean faced swashbuckler with a hand ripe for adding a wine glass or beer stein to

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I see that they are now offering the minis singlely, so I'll have to have a good look through later, pick out a handful.


Hopefully this will go better for me than the last Carnevale kickstarter I backed.

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Carnevale was originally by another company called Vesper On Games, that kickstarted it, released it and some time later went out of business (was it last year?)


TT Combat bought the game and assets and this is their relaunch of the game. I think they have redesigned most of if not all the minis.

I believe TT combat is owned by The Troll Trader, one of Britains largerst gaming webshops/ebayers, so they should have some financial backing to stay the course.

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6 hours ago, ced1106 said:

How did the last one go? Was it by the same people? TIA!


I think it was a success for most people (plus, as Maledrakh points out it's a totally different company now).


For me, I pledged for a single mini, got stung by high postage, and the mini turned out to be very poorly cast/sculpted.

I was unlucky...

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Just about down to the final day




so the starter box (£60) is looking pretty good with 7 free minis (21 minis in total now), a resin gondola, extra card building (12 total now), spell & character cards, custom dice (I presume instead of the normal ones rather than in addition), acrylic templates and metal coins unlocked for it

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