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For more information on the CAV-CON events at this year's ReaperCon, including tournament rules, make sure to check out !

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Looks like I'll be jumping in.  Mostly the "come and play as you are" section... but I picked up a book and some beginner mechs because I couldn't fill a class slot.  And the t-shirt / new metal mech sounded pretty cool too!  

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I plan to play. Got lots of minis to work on.



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I'll be there, probably for Friday only.


Question: If that's the only day I can attend(i might be able to manage a short bit on Sunday), does that mean I cannot enter the painting contest?

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You can enter your work on Friday so it shouldn't be a problem.

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On ‎9‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 3:01 PM, Ludo said:

I'm in!


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    • By CAVBOSS
      Greetings All!
      Since the release of the new rule-set last year I know I have talked a bit here and there about COG and getting support to those people wishing to run demos and such. The main reason I havent advanced any farther on it is Ive been trying to put a program together that will get the job done and allow players to feel their efforts are appreciated and awarded correctly. Ive looked at other programs out there and haven't seen what I think is required.
      So I'm asking for your input. What would make you want to be part of this type of program and get out there to support the game at conventions and your local stores. What do you need from me to be successful and remain engaged over time?
      Any input would be much appreciated! 
    • By CAVBOSS
      Greeting all! We are starting the roll-out of the updated & new content we have been promising. I have updated the links above and on the web page but I am including them here as well...
      First off. the new errata. The majority of it is clarifications and FAQs, but we have made a couple of rule adjustments as a result of feedback from players.
      CAV: SO Errata
      With that and the addition of new models from the last KS we have updated the CAV:SO Construction & Force Manager Program. We have added a new tab in the CP that shows a picture of the actual model to help people identify what something is. We will be updating the images later to get a more consistent look but this should work for now.
      CAV:SO Construction Program and Force Manager
      We have also updated the Master PDF of all the models so that you can have them in one place to view as a whole. Included are models that we are no longer using but have included a data card for those people who still want to use them. These have the (2) as part of their name.
      Data Cards
      We also have a new Faction Model List that is now current with all of the designs currently in the game.
      Faction Model List
      I am still getting the color data cards and the new Flashpoint ready so stay tuned as we get those out as well! Enjoy!
    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Hi all,
      So... I have a short attention span.  This is evidenced by me deciding to take up yet another side project- this time in anticipation of finally receiving my starter rulebook for CAV:SO from reaper this week.  
      Reaper's CAV line is the only line of minis that are not fantasy (or 40k), and the only line of minis that I have that are not in the 25-28mm range.  As such, I don't have much good terrain for them yet.  
      I have been a fan of paper terrain for awhile, ever since discovering world works games and Dave Graffam's stuff.  Upon starting to look around I also found a surprising variety of free paper building templates for a variety of scales- most of which are based in Europe.
      So I downloaded a few of those, and then also purchased this pdf from Dave Graffam, which allows me to make office buildings of several sizes and colors that fold flat when not in use, allowing me to store an entire city in a tiny box.  Pretty awesome, especially for 3 bucks.
      I also found some shipping container templates. Check it out!

      I made almost 20 buildings in two evenings:

      An action shot:

      The terrans get ambushed!

      View from above:

      And folded (mostly) flat for storage (the folded buildings are on bottom):
    • By CAVBOSS
      CAV: Strike Operations at ReaperCon 2016!
      For this year’s ReaperCon I’ve decided to try something a little different than what we have done at in the past. Rather than schedule “hard†events at specific times we will running a variety of events throughout the entirety of the convention so people can come and go as their schedule permits. We found this format worked really well at CAVCon and am excited to see how it goes at ReaperCon 2016!
      This year’s events will include:
      Featured Organized Play Event
      CAV: Strike Operations “The Battle of New Vesta†Malick Pass
      After the disastrous march across the Treark Plains, the 7th Dornheim Brigade “The Iron Shieldâ€, pushes on in their attempt to capture the starport at Goltek City. The Adonese fire-base at Malick Pass continues to fire volley after volley of cruise missiles at the 7th and every attempt by Ritterlich fighter-bombers to take out the facility have been unsuccessful with heavy losses of aircraft.
      The 7th’s commander, Brigadier Molden Franz has sent his 12th Regiment to climb the mountain and take the base from the Adonese defenders, elements of the Regiment 14 “Iron Wood†and mercenaries from Ophelia’s Orphans.
      Our featured scenario this year carries over story elements from our last Kickstarter, allowing players to participate in one of the opening “salvos†of the First Galactic War! Check in at CAVHQ to see scheduled start times.
      CAV: Strike Operations Open Gaming
      Players are encouraged to bring a Force Group of 5000 TVP of their favorite faction (per the Force Group Selection rules, p. 39 CAV: Strike Operations. Upgrades and Force Group Specializations are in use) to face off with other players throughout the show. Various gaming boards will be available for play to allow players a chance to show which faction rules supreme!
      CAV: Strike Operations Basic Training
      Join us as we drop new recruits into the “fire†as they learn to pilot a CAV for the first time outside the simulators. Drill instructors will be available throughout the show to teach pilots the basic skills required for playing CAV: Strike Operations.
      No experience required. This event is designed to teach new players the basics in CAV: Strike Operations and typically will be completed in 30 minutes or less. All materials provided. Certificates for completing training.
      CAV: Strike Operations Paint & Take
      A great opportunity for miniature painters, new and experienced. Talon Games & Reaper Miniatures has provided a collection of prepared CAV miniatures, paints, and brushes for this event throughout ReaperCon 2016. Attendees are welcome to come in and paint the provided miniatures with the provided supplies. After painting, you get to take the miniature you painted!
      CAV: Strike Operations Open Painting
      Looking for a place to work on your figures during the show? Want to exchange ideas and maybe learn a new technique or two? Then this event is for you! Throughout the show tables will be provided for attendees to sit down and paint! Reaper Master Series paints will be available for you to use as well!
      CAV: Strike Operations Painting 101
      Sit down and learn from the pros! Professional painters will be available to show you their best tips & tricks for painting CAV figures.
      CAV: Strike Operations Terrain 101
      Learn to build many of the common terrain features found in a typical CAV game!
      CAV: Strike Operations Modeling 101
      Throughout the show CAV lead modeler Chris "Thudgun" Lewis will be available to show off new models currently under design and answer any questions you may have!
      The Future of CAV:SO
      Sit down with lead game designer Jon "CAVBoss" Walker and find out what we have in store for the future of CAV:SO.
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