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77449 - Invisible Rogue (with 77035 - Deladrin, Female Assassin for comparison)

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I've been thinking about doing this for awhile - painting up one of the clear "invisible" adventurers in Bones III as a translucent figure.  The obvious choice was 77449 - Invisible Rogue, as my delightful wife painted the matching 77035 - Visible Deladrin some time ago.


I painted the figure using a thinned Tamiya Clear Blue X-23 (thinned with Tamiya Thinner X-20).  This produced a very light blue tint to the figure while at the same time introducing some definition.  I also hit points where I wanted extra definition, mainly the face and weapon transition points, with unthinned Tamiya Clear Blue.

The broccoli is basically Reaper Peacock Green worked up through Reaper Clear Green to Reaper Clear Yellow.  The bottom of the base has been painted Reaper Pure Black.


Important Note:  Tamiya Clear paints are significantly different from Reaper Clear Paints.  Tamiya Clear are translucent, Reaper Clear are not. 






  Issues - there's a big one in that because of the black I painted the base, the boots of the translucent figure are significantly darker than the rest of the figure.  It almost reads right, but I'd have been better off doing the first coat on the base a green or maybe a white so they looked like they were clear going onto the grass of the base.  It's something I'll consider later, although could largely be ignored if you rebased the figure.  But on the whole I think this came out pretty good, accidental scimitar that we never noticed originally on Deladrin and all.


  There's one additional issue that I didn't spot till after I posted this - a Virtual Chocolate Fish to anyone who can tell the class what that very delibrate mistake was for our educational porpoises.

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Very Cool!

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Neat effect!


Bent sword? Mold line on cloak?

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I'll give a hint : notice anything odd about the background?

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Clearly, they are in "inception" mind mode.

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