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Added some colors to the chainmail and some of the lower sides of the iron pieces on Kagunk's armor and then washed it with the Warpaint (Army Painter) Zombie Shader.  I chose this over the strong tone... at least at first, because the strong tone can make it really dark really fast.  I can always add more:


For the shield I just added the ink wash for now on the brown areas and outer rim.  I think I will have to do the rivets another hit and some of the darker areas of the interior, but mostly I'm happy with it just giving some definition in here.  I'll still need to work up to some highlights on the skull part itself and I plan to emphasize the copper rays I have coming from the eyes.


And touch up some of the outer rim that the ink didn't really sink in with.  I may use the strong tone in a few places just for emphasis, but we'll see...

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I'm thinking I now want to add some greens into the crevices of the shield as well.  And I'll be hacking apart Darius the Blue for his mouse and spellbook to add to the base... muwhaaahaaa....  Not Darius the Blue the First, but Darius the Blue the Second.  Maybe the hat too... if I can flatten it some... hmmm....

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Shield reminds me of Grimoire Weiss. Maybe it is able to talk? I imagine that to be absolutely awesome. "Ai! That hurt! Curse you! Ai! Not that spot! Not again! Hit him, not me! errrr ... I should have taken that job as decoration when I had the chance ..."


Great work. Looking forward to see it finished.

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Taking Kagunk into Diorama territory... against some of our favorite friends...


Bigbite the Backstabber









And one firm deadline coming up...

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Worked on Flamelick, the Pyro Goblin tonight... mostly.  I did lots of dark brown leather on One-Eye and Toadcaller too.


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Ok, so here's how I'm thinking of laying it out.  And we'll see how this translates into imaginary land...


Yagun Oog is standing in for Kagunk as he is not attached with 2 pounds of putty*.  

This will aproximate what Kagunk the Ogre sees:


And this is what Kagunk does not see behind him...


For the model-less illustration, these are aproximate sizes of figures without the distraction of body, shape or form.  And is the only time the Goblins will be taller than the Ogre.


There will be rubble and branches and assorted things here.  I was worried that the 5x7 oval was going to be way too large.  There were also some birch ovals that were longer but narrower, which might work fairly well, but I still think would have too much open area.  Mostly the layout with the stuff right now is a bit too symetrical because things are bumping into each other.  Once I am putting the figures down, this won't be the case and Kagunk's awesome (possibly intelligent) shield will be very visible and his line across the square will not be a straight diagonal.  Most likely he will be aiming at Toadcaller (dagger and spear) trying to get to the taunting torch-wielding Flamelick.  Bigbite will be coming across some rocks that will extend at least to the edge of the platform (thinking of squaring part of that corner up and building it up a bit) so that he almost looks like he is leaping or about to leap at Kagunk and cut his achilles tendon.  It almost makes the goblins seem too smart... but a smart goblin would never attack an Ogre.


*Not literally 2 pounds, but it felt like it trying to get him to stick, especially after he vaulted off once...


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