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    • By Maledrakh
      Early last year, I pledged on Kickstarter for the Circle of Chaos Warband by Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games fame, but I did not add on for the Rhinotaur at that time.
      ...So when I received the original 7 minis of the Circle, I kicked myself for not adding it on. The minis were weird-in-a-good-way designs by several sculptors, and great quality casts, and were all painted late last year.
      When the shiny syndrome at last overpowered me, I contacted Mr Fell, and he graciously ordred a Rhinotaur cast up and sent to me.
      After prepping, I added one of my 3D printed oval bases, and it has been standing around on my desk ever since, trying to get my attention.
      Which it in the end, did.





      "Very few mutations survive conception. Fewer still survive birth. Some are so twisted and hideous, the host's birthing screams must be silenced to maintain a shred of sanity. This begins the tale of one such horror, unleashed upon a blighted world. A beast of war and ruin so terrible a strong man's guts turn to water at the sight of it. A pair of ancient cleaving swords it yields, whirling and feinting despite its armored bulk. It's mighty horns used to batter and break and pierce, are sharp enough to penetrate a dragon's hide. But despite all of this, despite the horrible carnage, the hacking, the trampling, the impaling, the worst of it is its battle cry. Pig snorting and squealing in battle, reaching its fervor. And suddenly, blood covered and splattered with gore, it opens its jagged mouth and emits the piercing yet pure and joyful squeals of a baby."  -from the KS update introducing the Rhinotaur addon.

      The completed warband in all it's glory.
      Curtis Fell / Ramshackle Games is officially on my "Kickstarter good performers" list
      Good communication, great product, timely fulfilment. A+ would back again.
      The Rhinotaur aka Grey Death
      Circle of Chaos Oldhammer Warband KS by Cutris Fell
      Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
      Metal. Heavy Metal
      75x45mm 3D printed oval lipped base.
    • By Loim
      So, we have a thread like this already for Reaper miniatures. I thought it would be a good idea to have one for minis from other companies as well.
      I have one I'd like to start off with:
      Red Box Games minis. I think that Havrik may be my current favorite miniature. I haven't seen a painted version anywhere.  

      Handy Havrik Master Guildsman (RBG0045)
    • By Sushiroll
      Hey all, I looked for a thread about this but didn't see one. Anyway, what do people prefer to paint, metal or plastic minis? I just started painting and have only done plastic. I've seen pictures of some metal ones and they seem to have crisper details. I see they offer both options for a lot of minis on the reaper store, wanted to see what people think? Thanks!
    • By Sushiroll
      I just got into miniature painting and decided to post on the forum to get some feedback and advice. This is only the second miniature I've ever painted. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out despite my lack of experience. I'm thinking of dry brushing his back a bit more for an even more intense frost/ice effect. I plan on varnishing and basing him as soon as the bases I ordered arrived. Any CC is welcome thanks for looking!

    • By Citrine
      This is Reaper 3789 Fishwife and Crone.  These are the metal versions of the miniatures coming in Bones 4 as part of the Dreadmere set.
      Painted up for tabletop gaming use.  I painted the fish as a delicious deepwater fish from Norway called "Uer".  I have fond memories fishing for these at the shore of the Finnmark fjord, where the drop off was extremely deep.  I was sad to find these fish are now considered endangered.
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