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Cyr's S.O. Painted a Mousling!

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I dragged my boyfriend to the CMPA paint meeting. He chose a mousling archer as his first figure (effectively, he did a few as a kid). For a total newb, he did pretty darn well! He got the eyes with accuracy!


He also wants to get C&C and whatever pointers you want to throw at him that myself and the CO painters missed. 





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3 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Looks good for a first mini. Mouslings: the Figmentian Entry Drug.


I gave him some lizardmen to practice on too and he went for the mouse!

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The Guy is a natural. With some shading, highlights & a bit of definition around the eyes, the mini will be a thing of BEAUTYTERRIFIC WORK!

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Heh. I put together a pile of figures that he can paint from my stash. Monsters, critters, babes. Should be a good start? :)


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    • By SGHawkins09
      This was my second diorama for ReaperCon 2017 and was the one picked for judging. The idea for it actually began at last year's ReaperCon and was originally going to be the wizard catching the barbarian mousling breaking in. Over the year it evolved into a large scene than originally planned and I swapped out the barbarian for the two thieves/rogues. It ended up getting a gold medal and Mousling Honorable Mention.
      Any feedback would be appreciated.
      Here is the WIP thread: Stop Thief!
      Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback while creating this diorama.

    • By JGroeling
      Conversion post w Sculpt WIP
      WIP post. 

      This was originally Bones #77202 that I'd ordered a while back and started sculpting on. Had gotten the sculpt finished a couple months ago between other projects, and have slowly been adding paint since. 
      He's a bit on the dirty looking sode, which is alright as that's what I was going for. Wanted to give him a trail worn look. Added some more coloration and softened things up more than I had originally planned, but I think it worked out. 
      Also, there's a faint detail of blood drops on the front of the base below the Warg's head. As I wanted to add the feeling that they were on the hunt, with the pose and the paint. 

    • By 72moonglum
      Hi guys,
      So here's a figure I got done a few days ago, a female human ranger that was made by Hackmaster I think around 2003-2004 and now is being cast by Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals.
      I really like this figure, she's gritty and not a raging beauty.

    • By Clearman
      While I own most of the mouslings, this is the first that I've gotten around to painting.  It was a special request from the youngest daughter, and since I still owed her a painted mousling for her birthday, this went to the top of the list.
      I like his "I'm a ruler of the underworld, but I'm so darn cute" look.
      Comments and Critiques welcome.


    • By SGHawkins09
      This was a very personal project for me. Five years ago, the summer of 2012, I found my gaming group and played my first ever game of D&D. That was also the night I discovered this crazy, black hole hobby called miniature painting. I had noticed the minis everyone was using and asked about them. They told me the basics and I ended up purchasing a mini and some paints that night. I was also handed this mini, Reaper’s 14058: Lorielle Silverrain and was told I could have her if I thought I could attach her arm. While she ended up being the second mini I ever painted, I consider her to be the one that started it all. I remained at just the base coat stage until January 2014, when I joined the forums. After that my interest and investment in the hobby exploded. I really had no idea what I was getting into that night five years ago but I believe it was one of the best things to ever happen to me.
      And so, with that out if the way, I present to you Mile Marker Five. The original is included in the first photo for comparison.

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