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Rise of the Runelords

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Drake is so tired that once he gets to his room he collapses in exhaustion and sleeps till morning.   He does not change out of his gear and he will keep the same spells.

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Nothing troubling happens overnight.


The next morning, Amieko serves you fresh cinnamon rolls and hot spiced apple cider.


As you are enjoying the meal, a city Guard comes through the door.  He says a few words to Amieko, who nods in your direction.


He gives you a quick bow.


”Greetings heroes.  I am Todd.  Sheriff Hemlock asked for your help.  I am to accompany you to the Sandpoint Boneyard, where the Sheriff is waiting for you.”

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You arrive at the “Boneyard” beside the rebuilt church.  Sheriff Hemlock is there to greet you.


”Heroes.  Thanks for coming.  Have a look at this...”

He points you to a small enclosed crypt.


”Until yesterday, this Crypt was sealed, and contained the remains of our last High Priest.  Now the lock is smashed and the earth around it is disturbed.  Also, there are signs of scuttling over the wall at the border of the Boneyard and City.  What do you think it means?”

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"We may be able to determine more if we go inside and see what happened.  If the remains were desecrated, then they need to be re-consecrated.  Will you allow me to enter Sheriff? Or would you like to wait for Father Zantus?"


Can I tell what faith the High Priest followed; but the symbols on the crypt perhaps?

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Sorry again for the delays.


Sheriff Hemlock sent Father Zantus to wait in the Cathedral.

He doesn't know if the High Priest was buried with anything significant.


Go ahead and give me a perception check and a survival check (OK to Take 10)


The High Priest was named Ezakian Tobyn.

He was a follower of Desna, just like Father Zantus.

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Not anymore, you succeeded at both so you can tell them the important info:


You spot 6 sets of prints: 5 goblins and one humanoid.


((Dun Dun Duuuuuuhnnnnttt!) That’s the dramatic reveal music.)

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The crypt will be a 15 ft by 15 ft structure.

They don't provide a map, but it's OK, since the business is all near the door.

Who's going in first?


Everyone roll initiative...


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