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I use a grid system to help movement in PBP.

Letters A-P along the top Row, so each Column is the letter.

Rows 1-20 along the left edge, so each Row is the number.

Goblin 1 Double Moves toward that tent, to G18

Goblin 2 Double moves toward the table, coming next to Grimm, at space L15

Goblin 3 double moves toward the stage, at space O11


These look like typical goblins, wielding dogslicers.


Nicholai is up.

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Nicholai takes a 5ft step east to M17.  He grasps the wooden disk at this throat, carved with a simple bow and arrow, and with a voice that cuts through the noise and panic intones "Erastil, grant your blessing upon all those here, to repel these creatures and protect these citizens."  All who hear his plea, gain a sharpened focus and steeled nerves.


Casts Bless: all allies within 50ft burst gains a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws against fear effects.

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Ok so if I move southwest 10 feet and then straight west another 10 I've got all my movement used but I can strike against that dog-killing goblin ****, right?

And he'd be looking close enough in my direction to see the attack coming, right?

Because I want to slice his throat and make him feel what he put that dog through.


19 + 4 + 1 (Bless) = 24

I think that's my crit range?

6 (+ crit dice 6?) + 3 = 9 (or 16 if that's all it takes to crit?)

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Daton can move straight west 15 feet and attack.


You could also charge.


To confirm a crit, roll another attack.  If that hits, you crit.

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Right, I'll do that. No idea why I didn't think of it.


Confirmation roll:

16 + 4 (+1 for bless still?) = 20 (or 21?)


(can I use more movement if that downs it?)

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You can't move, attack, then move without certain abilities.


Your hit is a critical.

You decapitated the goblin.

Payback's a bi*ch!

I usually have you roll the crit damage instead of just doubling it.


In Pathfinder, the other bonuses also double (STR +3 damage bonus).



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Drake will pull out his crossbow and take aim at the 3rd goblin who moved onto the stage.  (Let me know if there are people in the way as I will move to have a better shot) 

Attack Roll: 12 + 2 + 1= 15

Damage: 8+0 = 8

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No one in the way.  The streets emptied quickly, like in a Spaghetti Western.

Drake buries a quarrel deep into the goblin's chest.

It drops immediately, blood pooling quickly around the shaft sticking out from his chest.



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13 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

What's Reegol going to do?

Sorry, didn't notice Drake skipped in line. 

Uncertain of what's happening with all the sudden confusion, Reegol delays his action to Tical's.

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