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Rise of the Runelords

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Ok, with 25 feet of movement Grimm can be directly east of Drake, and a goblin is southwest of Grimm.


With 40 feet of movement Grimm could put himself right into range of all 3 goblins, just north of the fishmonger table, in such a way as to not provoke an AOO.  With 6 squares of movement, Grimm can be northwest of the warchanter. Which would you want Grimm to do?


This assumes an extra square of movement to clamber up onto the stage, and no extra movement to hop down.

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Nicholai moves to the west end of the table and shoots at the goblin warchanter.  Unfortunately, he strikes the table just as he looses his arrow and it goes sailing off nowhere near his target.


Attack:(d20) 4 +4 +1 (bless)= 9


Bless: 5 rounds remain  

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Grimm moves to the midst of the fray.


Nicholai lines up a shot at the warchanter, but misses, trying to avoid the stage, so ending up aiming high.


Drake is up.

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Drake jumps back (5ft move as to not have anyone else in the burst) as the Goblin tries to set him on fire.  He drops his crossbow and lets loose with Burning Hands.

Roll: 13+5 = 18

Damage: 3+0=3


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So, I've needed some time to get at a computer with image mockup.

Drake may have a hard time keeping down the collateral damage with Burning Hands.

If he casts it from where he is, He'll get Goblins 1, 2, 3 but also Reegol, but needs concentration (which you already rolled high).


If he moves back (north) 5 feet, he'll get all 3 goblins and 3 allies!


If he moves east one square he can get the warchanter only, and needs concentration.


I included the templates and updated what the map placement is for the enemies and allies.


Let me know what you want to do with your area of affect.


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I'm going to assume you take a 5 ft step straight east to prevent AOO.

 The 18 succeeds as a concentration check to cast defensively.


You cast burning hands on the warchanter.

Natural 20 on the saving throw, so it only takes 1 damage. (Sorry, but again, glad it's not a 20 on an attack against you).


Let me know if you wanted different movement.


Tical is up.

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1 hour ago, Darcstaar said:

Tical is up.

"Whoa, too close!" Tical was surprised at how fast the goblins moved, and next thing he knew they were on him. He knew that he couldn't get a decent shot with the crossbow, so took a step back, hoping Reegol got their attention, and invoked some additional power for his companion.


As the magic flows between them both, Reegol suddenly grew to a size that was very imposing next to the goblins.


"Shoo them off Reeg!"


[5ft step west, cast Enlarge Person on Reegol. Duration 1 minute]

Reegol's temporary stats: AC 11, attack : 2 claws +5 (1d6+5) , reach 10ft.


For positioning purposes, Reegol 10' square will occupy the spaces to the left and below him.

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The Warchanter continues it's bardic performance, singing the eerie Goblin Song (free action).


It then hisses through its teeth at Drake, and uses its whip to try to trip Drake.


I think that beats Drake's CMD.

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Goblin 1 swipes at Tical with the torch.  12-1=11 misses


Goblin 2 gulps loudly, looking up at Reegol.  It then tries to bury its dogslicer in his leg.  18+3=21

4 damage.


Goblin 3 jumps off the fishmonger table, trying acrobatics to gain some height advantage over Grimm to stab him through the neck. Since it's leaving a threatened square, it provokes from Grimm.

Acrobatics 10+2=12 success (DC 5 for 5 feet jump, doubled for no running start=10).


damage 5 if it hits, and/or goblin survives AOO.

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