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Unnatural: Horror Creatures - 28mm scale resin monsters

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CAMPAIGN preview link:


Hello people, i wanted to share with you 3D renders of a set composed by big and horrorific creatures that will be produced via kickstarter soon. They will be casted with polyurethane resin, while the "breed" will be casted in white metal.

The Full Set consist of:


1) The Renegade Channeller - The Engineer 


2)The Falling Hen


2b)Fallen Hen chicks


3)The Eager Toad


3b)Eager Toad toadlets (2 poses)















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I feel like I have seen these before. Is that possible? They are rather unique...

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13 hours ago, Talae said:

I feel like I have seen these before. Is that possible? They are rather unique...

Seen in miniatures? maybe the desings reminds to some Berserk (anime) creatures.

IN theother hand, the Eager Toad now has it Toadlets (1 pose of 2 is done, the next will be done in the next days) There will be 2 poses with 2 weapon option for each pose: Ribs xbow or spear!





:o !!!

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8 hours ago, Jeneki said:

Eagar Toad would make a good Guwange.

Also makes me think of the Gorm from Kingdom Death.

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7 hours ago, Asuranshadow said:

The scale kills it for me. At half the size for the big creatures I could use these easily in one of my games, but they're just too big for me to justify.

Hey, they are 3D models, so maybe we will see a smaller size for the Eager Toad, .. not sure about the Hen since it plays the rol of a  dragon-sized creature.

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The second pose for the Toadlets is done!:





And here the "father" with both poses of the toadlets:






Bio Engineer with modifications (based on feedback), with a bit more dinamic pose and extra details.

Also!, his "sons" are done!

The "Spinal Stingers" are fast moving, letal attack but vulnerable creatures.

They basically run towards you, jump , catches your head with their big lips holding it by sucking while he repeatingly stabs you with it stinger. :o












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