Bones 3 Shipwreck Golem

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Got the base coat in place, starting to pick out the details now


i went with the same base colors that i did for my Kraken and Coraldrax, since I find it gives a good representation of something that's been underwater a long time





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I love it!!!


Perfect colours!

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Well done! I really like it. Although I wonder how he reloads that cannon? Must be magic... you kno ooo owwww...

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Now that's a shipwreck revenant that looks like it's been at the bottom of the sea for a few decades!

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Wow I love the moldy weathered wood I want to go back to mine and do that it's awesome

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    • By Dilvish the Deliverer
      So, the other day, I had one of those ideas that spring into my head full formed.  I had been discussing a golem made out of books on a Facebook DM page, and saw someone ask for a Book Golem in the KS comment (i think it was David Brawley but I'm not wading through the comments to make sure).
      So with this on my mind I suddenly knew what it would look like.  And I wanted to have someone summoning one.  And who better than our bibliophile Sophie?
      The idea is to have her in the foreground perfoming the summoning.  Behind her will be a bookcase (or two depending on how I need to valence thing out) with a stream of books flying off the shelves taking shape into the golem.  I may add some scrolls and such as well if needed.
      I started making the books tonight.  I'll be trying out several methods as I will need multiple varieties.

      Here are 12 books using wood and card board

      And here is our heroine along with a picture of the materials used so far.  Craft stick and cardboard from a blister pack.  Reduce, reuse recycle!
    • By Arbiter10
      Some pics of my recently completed iron golem.

    • By lazylich
      My inaugural Bones 3 paint, the Iron Golem (menacing Sir Forscale that I got from either a paint-and-take at PAX or a learn-to-paint kit, can't remember which).
      I'm not sure it really comes out in the picture, but I started with black/gray zenithal priming layers, airbrushed a not-too-thick layer of a bright metallic over it, dark wash, and then heavily shaded it with pure black glazes (there's supposed to be some left/right shading with the glazes, but it doesn't show well in the pictures I don't think). Then touched all the gouges with the metallic again, and painted the optics and vents with red and orange, on the assumption that iron golems are powered by some kind of eldritch furnace internally.
      (Sir Forscale was splashed with whatever bright primary color was close at hand, like you do when you're a complete noob at a paint-and-take, and I hope I got the right SKU from the list that came with my shipment.)

    • By Dead Bard Miniatures
      Hi all, after much lurking I've decided to post some of my minis  I technically posted once before but I just realized looking at the old post that it was over a year ago!
      I'm really going to have to pick up my painting rate given that another bones pledge is about to be delivered!  
      So I can definitely tell I like painting the bad guys better than the PC characters, probably due to spending too much time DMing. Anyway, here's some recent ones I painted. As always feedback is appreciated!
      First a couple beastmen from the Warlord line:

      How about a golem and some undead as tomb guardians? I diced up a skeleton into the base of the bone fiend too. You can kind of see the boot.

      I have painted some character figures as well recently. Here's a few Elves with an Halfling. I need to work on my faces more though. Humanoid faces are so much flatter than monsters'. Anyone have any tips for varying humanoid flesh or adding details to faces that that sculp might not define well? Thanks! Much appreciated!

    • By dsmiles
      So, I've dug out a mini to paint up for the same Hobby Hangout contest that Ub3r is entering. Flying Frog Games' Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa. We all know how bad I suck at keeping up WIPs, but I'll try to post as I go.
      This is what it looks like:
      I'm kidding. It's the guy on the left, here:
      I've just finished cleaning and assembling mine, and as you can see, I had to do some filling on the base...which I tried to cover up with some bits, since I can't sculpt.



      It's on a Secret Weapon Trash base, 60mm, beveled. (Bleh for beveled edge bases, but it's all I had that fits the theme I'm going for.) As you can see in the tags, I'm going to be doing some heavy weathering and some OSL in this project. Stay tuned.
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