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Bombshell Ellie Tyson

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Painting has been getting done today, particularly on Kickstarter minis that have been sitting incomplete for a while.


So with that said here's Ellie, a astronaut.




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    • By Geoff Davis
      Taking a break from army painting to finish up Victoriana.  Next step is to finish up the NMM on her various brass tools.  Then painting the lenses on her hat.  After that, its time to do a freehand pattern on the carpet bag and plaid on her suit. 



    • By Mckenna35
      Speed painted to send off to a Niece who really like rabbits.  Hopefully she likes these!
      Doom Bunny from Bombshell Miniatures:

      and a Vorpal Bunny.  I've had these guys for a very long time.  Made of resin.  Came in a bag with about a dozen or more in it.  Long forgotten who manufactured them:
      Sorry for the pics!  Finished the wash on the Doom Bunnies Axe and then snapped a few quick pics before packing them up to go in the mail.
    • By SGHawkins09
      This fun little guy is from Bombshell's Kritterkin line and is the first one of them that I have painted. I started him at our paint group last Saturday and finished him up over last few days. I wanted to go for more of a pirate type look than naval officer so I decided to play around with textured leather. It was a challenge keeping all the brown from not looking the same but I am happy with how he turned out.

    • By Glitterwolf
      I painted Reaper's Dee Dee Astro Girl from the Chronoscope Line, I put her on a resin base and used a little Scale 75 Moonstone Alchemy so it would appear as if she was searching for minerals.
      Then the Mindworms emerged!
      They were made from the eyestalks of the Bones Eyebeast.
      WIP here:

    • By Citrine
      Bombshell Miniatures 10050 Celeste the Sorceress, sculpted by Kev White.
      I wanted a simple mini with few accessories to paint up as a quick little project, so I picked Celeste for her clean lines.  As a bonus I used some of the Breastcancer Awareness Pink I have multiple bottles of.
      Spent maybe 3 hours on her.

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