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1 hour ago, Nightwing said:

Here is the finished Sea Ghost. This is the ship detailed in the AD&D module U1, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. I have worked her up to-scale, 1" = 5'. Each deck is separable so that below deck action can be carried out. The bottom deck can be flipped over to show the bilge floor plan. I've put a 1" grid on each deck and painted in the walls and doors.  You can see the WIP photos in the WIP forum if you're interested. 


I'm considering making a sloop and a treasure galley, too. But if I do that won't be for a couple months. Need to take a break and dig up some nice deck plans. 


I hope you like her!  My group begins a pirates D&D game this week!  The game begins with our characters having just been dumped off in Jamaica for various offenses committed in England. My character, Simon Kershaw, was a shipwright's assistant in England. When the Master shipwright used (and took credit for) one of Simon's ideas for an improvement to a ship design, Simon set fire to the ship before it left the harbor, thus earning himself a spot aboard the prison ship...


Suggestions for improvement welcome!






I really love what you did. It's a great inspiration. 


I can't see how you handled the secret doors.


BTW U1 was the 1st module I ever bought. It will always have a special spot in my heart. I think is also why I am always looking for cargo terrain items. Gotta make high stacks of them!

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I left the "S" indicators off of the floor plan where the secret doors are. I figured that if I actually run tSSoSM adventure again and use this ship for that section of the module, the secret doors wouldn't be right there staring the players in the face. 


It it is a great module!  I remember my big brother running that adventure with me and my friends. The haunted house and the ship are both deeply embedded in my memory. 

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You did an excellent job on her!


10/10, would go to sea on

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I really want to build my own ship now...  You did a great job in the WIP, as I recall.  Here's the link to the WIP for anyone who's not skilled with forum fu:  http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75565-sea-ghost-a-to-scale-pirate-ship-pic-heavy/


I've got a group doing Savage Tide and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a full ship mock-up for that adventure path.  ::D: 


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    • By Nightwing
      This is the Sea Ghost from AD&D module U1: the sinister secret of saltmarsh. It will hopefully be used in my group's upcoming D&D pirates campaign set in 1600's Jamaica. 
      Its layers will be separable, with each surface being a sort of game board for each deck of the ship, from forecastle/poop, to main deck, to cargo deck, to bilge. I'm going to try to pin the layers together so they don't just fall apart by using the mast and rudder to keep the layers aligned when they are stacked. 
      It is made of 3/4" polystyrene insulation sheets, cut, stacked, and sanded down with a belt sander. In the end it will have paint and probably balsa wood details. 
      That's the Barnabas Frost mini that I posted in the show-off forum standing on the deck in a few of the photos. 

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      So here he is the final piece to the set I've been working on, an old Ral Partha AD&D set from the nineties, the Drow Elf assassin. 
      and here:

      is the whole set and as a reminder the other three individually:

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      So on my quest to finish up this set of four elves, I just completed the sea elf last night.  I don't say this too often, but I think I'm really glad the way this one turned out, at least colorwise, as I was using a very limited color palette and was using sea-oriented colors that Reaper makes, like Seafoam Blue, Marine Teal, Clouded Sea, which are paints that I bought a while back but really haven't taken advantage of. With this color scheme in mind I may very well try to do some other aquatically themed figures in the near future.

      Now out of this set 11-422 from way back in the day I've got one more figure left, a drow assassin, who will be up next as soon as I finish him.
    • By 72moonglum
      So a while back Master Buglips and I were talking about this set of old Ral Partha figures, and I've finally found some time to work on them.  The set itself has two archers, a drow elf and a sea elf.  I've got the two archers finished, so I'll post these now, and hope to have the other two elves done soon. The female archer I tried to do with a wood elf vibe and the male elf with more of a high elf color scheme in mind. Hopefully you guys enjoy!

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      So I added some black ballast sand and some Earth colored flock to add some variety to the base, and am calling him(?) done.
      Comments and critiques welcome!
      Thanks for looking!
      Wip here
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