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Zealot Miniatures Minotaurs

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A Mino Corpse + Want a Free Matriarch's Table? . 10 Oct

Get a Free Matriarch's Table!

Time for something a little different! :D
Alexei has sculpted this rather gruesome looking Matriarch's Table. Upon which the soon-to-be-revealed matriarch will prepare her victims ;)
Also useful for chaos, orcs, undead and other evil races - actually, it is quite a functional table whatever race you are - well... as long as you plan on chopping up corpses :P

And you can get it added FREE to your pledge :)


At this midpoint in the campaign, it may be smart if we paid Google to place some adverts to spread the news of this awesome KS and all these great Minotaurs :D, or perhaps we could pay Facebook for placed adverts, or maybe pay some hobby sites to place some big banners on their pages? ...

Or we can instead, use that advert-money to produce and cast another great model and give it away free, to the people who matter - You, our great backers! - for helping spread the word!


If you would like a FREE Matriarch's table added to your pledge, just help us advertise the campaign by posting a link to the KS ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1207385459/twisting-catacombs-the-minotaur-horde ) and spreading the word in a blog, relevant online forum topic or online community group where other people would like to hear about some great Minotaurs :D


Then Post a Comment below, with a Link to where you shared it. From us all; thank you again for your great support!



So, it Seems They are Not Invincible!

It takes a lot of killing, but you can actually down a Minotaur :P

Coming up on the stretch goals in another useful sculpt of a minotaur corpse :D Again a very raw Work in Progress sculpt  but it should give you an idea of the direction we are going in ;)


 Great for dioramas or marking dead minotaurs on battlefields or in RPGs (these guy's corpses are going to provide some cover! ;) )

This one may be a stretch goal for a few goals in the future, as we have some more alive character minotaurs which we will perhaps want to slip in before :P

Until tomorrow, Long live the Herd! !,,!,




(Since this is a suitable online forum, and we're talking about the project here I guess this should count for us all, but why not spread the word elsewhere too, for the glory of the Herd)

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Minotaurs, Riding Warbeasts?

Oh yes, we have indeed listened to all your suggestions about Mounted Minotaurs. Now, we are pleased to show the first Work In Progress of the Minotaur Raider! :D
Again, bear in mind this is at a very raw semi completed stage, and he is due to evolve like the others with more details before he is finished. I hope you like the direction Alexei is taking him in! ;)


 Don't face it's charge head-on! :P


 Tough armoured mounts, One-Horns are one of the only creatures in the old world able to carry a Minotaur into battle.


 With the rider standing over 100mm tall, this is certainly an imposing character piece :D

Scale Comparison


It's always useful to pin down sizes, so here we have the lineup of the entire crew ;) Click the link above and expand the image to see a larger version.

A note with bases, the core minotaurs fit on the 50mm round bases (provided) but also snugly on 40mm square bases. The General, Matriarch and the Raider will have larger custom bases provided :)


 Tomorrow we are in the last 24 hours :D Thank you again to everyone who has supported us here, to help bring the race of minotaurs a much needed update! :D

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They notified me my order shipped today.. as it happens,  I Got a charity fire elemental from the last update.. casting is great.. 



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