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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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48 minutes ago, trappleton said:

I can tell this whole ordeal is getting serious because I'm starting to put together a spreadsheet to calculate the high and low limits of what I might be spending by the time the PM closes. :blink:

Did that in the first few hours:) Great way to spread everything out and know what you are getting till 2018:) think im at 550 atm

46 minutes ago, Crowley said:

Heh... My spreadsheet started around the first day, after the tracking sheet was up and running. 

Best way to go:)

41 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Ding, unlock target reached!


We got elves!

We got dead dragons!

We got mossy tree people!


And finally we got...


Uhm... nothing else? :blink:


P.S. Oh, look two updates!



Hmm, this look curiously like ... umm... those ghosts at the end of return of the king for that last fight:) Nice, and translucent green:) I need to get more tea candle lights I think:) Might be tough, may have to use some scrap FO cabling I have:)

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Ghost pirates?!!!!  I'm about ready to call for mercy!... Or parlay. 


So excited these guys are part of the core I have wanted pirates for a long time!  It's even cooler they are ghost pirates!

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Just now, NecroMancer said:

Ghost pirates?!!!!  I'm about ready to call for mercy!... Or parlay. 


So excited these guys are part of the core I have wanted pirates for a long time!  It's even cooler they are ghost pirates!

Parlay! Nice touch:) 


I like the penguins in that expansion, Cute and cuddly boys!

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We're approaching our max here for the kickstarter... holding off on the fan expansion until we see whether we want more out of it. Skeletal dragon is nice, but not really our thing. Treant more so, but... money is not infinite! Neither is space in the house at this point...

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1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:
1 hour ago, Crowley said:

Oh wow... the portal's even bigger than I thought... 


I wanted it to be big enough that the larger outer planes creatures could step through it.


This is my favorite trait for a mini.  One that not only helps create stories, but inspires ideas for more.  I have ideas for more scenarios than I'll ever get to play or run.


1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:

No, not removable as sculpted.  In fact, the whole disc is sculpted on an old pizza cutter blade.


Do you mean there is literally a pizza cutter blade underneath the green stuff?  Or that you used the blade as a template to get the circle dimensions?

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1 hour ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:


Yep!  I'm already plotting my revenge by cornering the market on Overlord Cavalry when they hit retail.


This is pretty much my feelings on the expansion at the moment.  I'm really glad they're trying to at least add a couple of cavalry units, and baring any hand-catastrophes I'll be picking up several of them at retail.  But since the expansion has a lot of random stuff, it's hard to tell right now if it will make sense to get the whole expansion.  


It was hard to keep up with all the reveals today since I was out all day, tomorrow should be fun!  I expecially like the ghost pirates!  ^_^ 

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Numbers Based on 2200-2300 Reaper time today:     
Total Gain Today:    $280,468
Total Gain 24 Hours:     $290,641
Current Goal:    $2,630,000
Total to Next Goal:     $120,232
New Backers This Hour:     51
Gain in last Hour:     $16,382
Current Average Pledge:     $170.76
Average Hourly Backers Today:     35.6
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours:     35.3
Average Hourly Pledges Today:     $12,194
Average Hourly Pledges 12 Hours:     $17,129
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours:     $12,110
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour:     7.3
Hours to next goal based on 12h Avg.    7.0
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg:     9.9
Current Total Pledges:     $2,509,768
Current Total Backers:     14,698
Previous Hour Total Pledges:     $2,493,386
Previous Hour Total Backers:     14,647

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TaleSpinner those toads are rad, and I will have them sooner or later (although right now I only have one toe left in my comfort zone, expenditure-wise).

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Wow, I go play Massive Darkness for a few hours and missed so much!  Whew caught up again, can't wait for tomorrow!

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