IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT HOW THE PLEDGE MANAGER WORKS (from Reaperbryan)   I'll go ahead and give a rough explanation of the Pledge Manager now. Sept 2, the Kickstarter project will close. Kickstarter will charge your card whatever your pledge amount is at that time. 7 days later, anybody that had their credit card declined will have a second attempt, and anybody that still declined is removed from the project.  About 1 week after that, Kickstarter will give us a "Backer report." This report includes your email address, pledge level, and how much you paid. I will then import that data into the pledge manager. From that moment on, when you login, the database will check your login email address against the email addresses Kickstarter gave us, and credit your account the amount Kickstarter says you paid. Starting then, you have the ability to lock in items, spending your initial credit, and adding additional funds. Each time you "check out", you will either use your credit, or have to pay additional funds. Our system adds all orders together and calculates postage form the sum, not new on each order, so you are not penalized for multiple small orders (one big package is cheaper to ship than many small packages, and we do that math for you). There is no limit to how many times you can check out.  July 31, 2018, we will lock the Pledge Manager down, and you cannot check out any more. Every backer must use the Pledge Manager to give us their list of rewards, and their shipping address.  If your Pledge Manager account email and Kickstarter account email are not the same, you may have problems, and should contact us to have the email addresses reconciled.
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