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Got two packages in the mail today. 


The first, and most anticipated is the missing piece from my Bones 3 lootpile; Kyphrixis... 

Reaper got my email on the 5th, got it queued up PDQ, and here it is. 

Pretty nice sculpt. Not much cleanup to do, and the pieces could be dry-fitted to a free-standing model. 

Yeah, I'm happy. :-)


The other was from RAFM, and no, it wasn't paints. That package probably won't get here for a while, yet....

This one contained a few metal pieces;

RAF0911 Battering Ram & Frame Testudo

RAF1001 London Sewer Lid(6)   -  Yes, those are bases. 

RAF3300 Angel of Victory

RAF3301 Angel of Judgement

RAF3317 Ushabtis, Angel of the Styx

RAF3926 Female Druid.


The RAFM stuff was in ziplock baggies, in a cardboard box lined with crumpled up newspapers. Pretty good packaging in other words. 


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I have acquired 15 bottles of wine. It was one of those cheap sampler lots from Groupon where some company is looking to get rid of stock that won't sell in an attempt to not soak a complete loss. List price for the lot is close to $300. I think we paid $45 plus $40 shipping. 


Decent middle-of-the-road wines. A few might give me an excuse to cook something elaborate...

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I did it! $40.00 on the dot. ^.^


09074: Palomino Gold $3.29 x1
09035: Olive Green $3.29 x1
09262: Blush Pink $3.29 x1
09437: Dragon Black $3.29 x1
09439: Dragon White $3.29 x1
09451: Dwarven Gold $3.29 x1
09454: Shining Mithril $3.29 x1
01420: Pirate Sophie $9.99 x1
77290: Mousling Druid and Beekeeper $2.99 x1
62109: Numenera: Raster $3.99 x1

Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Diva the Blessed

Subtotal: 40.00

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Deathsleet and Ebonwrath arrived! Along with the pack of hats and helmets to try to mod a figure for a hat-coworker. And... Diva the Blessed! Woohoo! 

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Before I fall asleep and forget, here is what I got yesterday:




02598 Tiki Wood Golem (When the blister turns yellow, then you know it's time to pick it up while you can)

77402 Pack DOnkey (You can never have too many pack donkeys)

14284 Kanthe, Evangelist of Khardullis

77403 Dingo, Halfling Rogue (pretty sure I got him in Bones 3, but it never hurts to have another)

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Had some stuff show up this week:




Monday - Warhammer 40k Dark Imperium


Wednesday - Infinity Beyond Icestorm and Beyond Red Veil, the Infinity Human Sphere book, and some Rosemary & Co. brushes

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Back from Eugene & Bend tonight! I didn't spend a whole lot but that's ok by me.


Went to a few stores & mostly got to touchy-eyeball over some things I've been pondering on buying at least. What I did end up getting


UO Duck Store purchases:


UO Ducks head logo


UO Duck Head bag tag (tag has a green background)

UO Duck head sticker (gonna replace the "O" on my Chromebook) 


UO "Oregon" slim keychain strap: Gonna replace the one I have on my main flash drive I use for all of my rpg files.


miniature hobby stuff:


No minis or mini paint, since I pretty much have all what I need for ReaperCon, I'm kinda lost for inspiration on buying right now. I will admit, "Funagain Games" in Eugene, OR had a fantastic assortment of Bones & Reaper paints.

I did pick up a couple of Army Painter brushes at anther game store. I've been wanting to try em & I hate buying brushes un-seen. Picked up a regiment & Character brush for about 5 bucks a piece.


Art Supply store in Eugene, I picked up a Winsor & Newton brush that just felt good when trying it out on the test paper.


At Addictive Behaviors in Eugene, I went in wanting to get some 5th edition D&D & I did! Just not the book I thought I was gonna get. 




New hardback adventure "Tomb of Annihilation". I even got it at 20% off retail. Why I like that store, it's where I bought Curse of Strhad at last time I was in that city.


Also picked up some green & yellow Chessex brand dice. You know cause of the Ducks of course ::): 


Now while I didn't pick one up while I was there, mainly due to finances I may still pull the trigger on getting one of these


UO Ducks special "stomp out cancer" jersey


A special collaboration between  OHSU (Portland, OR) Doernbecher Children’s Hospital’s pediatric cancer program, Nike & the Univ of Oregon. The entire uniform the Ducks wore last Saturday was designed by 3 children who had cancer, fought it & won the battle. Being that the game was my first ever college (or pro) game that I've attended. Also, being in my favorite stadium & of course favorite sports team, it'll be hard to resist getting it. The price thou would mean quite a few minis in my shopping bag at ReaperCon thou. We shall see.


Each kid has their own numbered jersey (based off their favorite number), I'll probably get Sophie's jersey since I met her at the main Duck store in Eugene, Sunday morning.


Overall thou, best thing I got out of the trip was being able to spend close to a week with my wife away from the kids in probably my favorite city in Oregon.



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Why do I have such a compulsion to buy a bunch of stuff lately? No cash, just got a ton of paints, a bunch of papercraft building files, Bones 3 minis, pledged on Mantic Terrain Crate and Bones 4 kickstarters. Yet I want to order some more paints, some more rule books(Frostgrave and WHFRP), parts for homemade foam cutter and static grass applicator, terrain materials and a few more minis. Normally I'm pretty good at ignoring it but really want to buy stuff right now. It's starting to get a bit annoying. If I can wait a few months I should have the money but I wants it all now. ::(:

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@haldir huh I know one of those shops sortof. Addictive Behavior is one of the places I stumbled into in Eugene when I got screwed over by Delta airlines (took 3 days to get back to Denver after my brother's UO graduation). I went in there half in tears and they were good nerdy folk. Mom decided to get a new dog instead of let me spend the night with her. I spent that day and night getting ill and being miserable in town or on the floor of the miserable little airport. 


Will keep Funagain Games in mind to let her know where to go for acceptable groveling and repentance paint! 

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Funagain is on a corner, thou small it was well packed as far as selection. Oddly the D&D & Pathfinder games were in a bookcase leading to either, the backroom storage or a place they had other games. I didn't go back to look as it did look like the backroom.


Nice thing for me also about AB is a store over from a well stocked mom & pop hobby store. Heck I'd be set with those 2 stores if I lived over in that area.  The store inbetween the two is a used music/video game store (I ended up getting a Zelda poster for my daughter there)


They have a website as well, I used google maps when I was over there.




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I took a trip up to Denton on Wednesday, trying to find a studio apt. Unfortunately I got there too late in the season and the students snagged them all. So I decided that since I was so close to Reaper I ought to make a pilgrimage. There were some things I hadn't considered however. First that the bus lines don't go anywhere near Reaper, and second that it was well over 90 when I set out. I also hadn't factored in just how far of a walk it was going to be...ReaperQuest!.JPG.ef908134cbae863493290b166932e0dd.JPG

Five bottles of water and several miles later, my Quest is at an end!

The fellow behind the counter was very helpful and even went out of his way finding out whether going back the way I had come would be shorter than pressing on into Corinth and trying to find a bus there. (Turns out it would be the same distance either way, and on the route I had come I knew where the gas stations were and could time my water usage accordingly.) But before once again facing off against the Yellow Orb That Burns and Blinds, I acquired the following...


I noticed a shopping cart labelled 50% off and pounced on the following,

77286 Mousling King+Princess

77288 Mousling Sorcerer+Samurai

77290 Mousling Druid+Beekeeper (This is the 3rd or 4th time I've bought these, as they make good gifts for folks who aren't familiar with minis or whose tastes aren't really into fantasy or scifi. My tests have shown that no one can resist cute little mice. No one.)

80045 Gray Alien Scientists

80046 Gray Alien Warriors

80047 Gray Alien Leaders (Now I just need to find some retro scifi weapons for them.)

77268 Squogs (There was only one in the blister, which is probably why he was in the 1/2 price cart. So I decided I would find him a home.)

77269 Mudcroak (like the Mouslings, cute frogs which spears also seem to make great gifts. I now have a good deal of my Christmas shopping done!)

77252 Beastman Warrior 1

77253 Beastman Warrior 2 (these will fit in nicely with the Witches, although Beastman 2 is going to need a bit more boiling and bending than usual.)

91008 Desert Thing ( I have a small diorama idea this will be perfect for.)

91005 Undead Outlaw (He looks like he'd be fun to paint.)

30004 Monique De Noir Master Series (I may have uttered a squee-like noise when I saw her at the bottom of the cart. I was not expecting to find any of the Master Series and she will be given an honored place on the wall of "Things I shall paint when I feel I've leveled up enough to do them justice")

But wait there's more...ReaperLoot2.JPG.a789ea98bc62a673e76c407a5a08bf17.JPG

Outside the half price cart I found...

77250 Bags and Jars (no specific use yet, but might be good to have on hand)

77131 Finaela, Female Pirate

77135 Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate ( I gifted out the first of these I painted so this time I'm keeping them!)

77437 Winter Wolf (Will join the Death Dog, Warg, and wolves from the Graveyard Expansion in the Witch's Pack of Canid Companions)

03760 Townsfolk Kids 1

03783 Townsfolk Kids 2 (will be joining Diva the Blessed in a field trip to the Caves of Doom.)

01608 Diva the Blessed x2(I now have 5 of her.)


08603 #0 Standard Brush (good to have back up)

09106 Flow Improver

09300 Wash Medium (I've been meaning to pick these up for awhile.)

09304 Copper Verdigris (should be useful for working on the Graveyard Expansion)

09052 Shadowed Steel (need something inbetween Honed Steel and Blackened)

Bronzed Skin Triad (has been on my want list.)

Thankfully all of this fit into a small bag and didn't weigh me down on my march back to town. Next time I'm in Denton I'm definitely bringing a bicycle.....



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You're going to like that bronzed skin triad. It is the best triad of the ones I have so far. It has just the right amount of contrast :)

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