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Bruegelburg – A day at the fair

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Their last Kickstarter (Dwarves) was full of great, characterful sculpts and delivered very much on time. This here seems a worthy successor (look, Beagle, no Dwarves):




Balalaika Maiden: The Gardariki Trade Caravans always include entertainers, poets and the like as well as the more pecuniary-inclined. When the day’s work is done, they string up a tune to entertain at the banquet table.


Set 01 – Market Women: Although the actual Fair focuses on the trade of commodities and precious goods from near and far, supplies for daily life in the bustling town is provided by the peasants and small craftsmen from the city’s bailiwick. In many cases, it is the women who man the stalls and wander the market square proffering their goods.


Set 02 – No time to chat!: As the market opens, there is always a jostle for the best spots. No time for a friendly chat then, although once the hunting grounds have been staked out, call and chatter fills the various market areas.


Set 03 – Georg von Würstenberg, Master of the Butchers’ Guild: Formerly a mere butcher, Georg von Würstenberg made his way to the top of the prestigious Butchers’ Guild, his paunch equalling his influence and power. Some say that, along the way, various rivals ended up in his product, but not to his face! Wherever he goes, he is announced by his herald, Peter Pfefferbeis.


Set 04 – Guardsmen of the Butchers’ Guild: The Guilds of Bruegelburg always vie for the prime spot in the City Council, and many are not above using nefarious means to advance their own position. Hence, prominent Guild members are escorted by armed guards, who also make up militias policing various areas of the town where the Town Guards cannot or will not go.


Set 05 – Patricians: The richest and most powerful merchants of Bruegelburg are commonly called “Patricians”, and it is they who head the various factions in the City Council. As the Fair opens, they can be seen ambulating across the Grand Hall, sampling wares and making deals.


Set 06 – Country Nobles: The City of Bruegelburg is surrounded by various small villages and fiefs, some loyal to regional potentates, some allied with the city. The heads of these fiefs invariably visit the city for the great Fair to see and be seen.


Set 07 – Paupers of Bruegelburg: At the bottom of the social ladder, a teeming mass of paupers and beggars, pickpockets and thugs makes a living in the meaner parts of town. As the market opens, they venture forth to profit from charity and carelessness, respectively. 


Set 08 – A Word in Jest: Entertainment is a key aspect of the Market Day, and Jesters from near and far are happy to provide. Just don’t forget to guard your purse as you watch their antics on the stage! 


Set 09 – A jesting Tjost: An increasingly popular pageant in recent years is the “Jesters’ Tjost”, a parody of the grand tournaments that hail back to the great days of knights long past, with the entertainers striving for the most amusing way to “unhorse” each other and poke fun at their betters. 


Set 10 – Days of Childhood: Market Day is a welcome diversion from the often dull and dreary life of kids in Bruegelburg, and gaggles of children can be seen everywhere.


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These are nice, but after splurging vast sums of cash on the Carnevale kickstarter today I think I'm well and truly out, I even pulled my Bones 4 pledge :-(

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Ah, Bruegelburg - a great place to visit, but you really wouldn't want to live there!


Very happy to see this - but so, so badly timed as far as my finances are concerned.


The Auld Grump  beautiful miniatures, of less than beautiful people.

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Totally understand ... there are 3 projects at the moment that I really want to back (dropped to $1 for CMON's Song of Ice and Fire, find it a bit lacking .. but want to back Bones, this project here and Darcy Perry's Dungeons of Doom).


First stretch goal almost unlocked ... free for pledges of 50 Euros or more:



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Is this from the Miniatures line associated with LAF? (Lead Adventures Forum) I remember they have a lot of similar looking villagers. 

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3 minutes ago, dwarvenranger said:

These look good but the pricing is off. 2 minis for $9 or 10 for $50? Am I missing something?

It's not per mini, it's per set

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Dwarvenranger: 10 For 50, but with the limited Balalaika-Player and certain stretch goals. If you only get one set, no stretch goals, no Balalaika.

But yeah, if you want less than 5 sets (and the stretch goals do not entice you), the $9 per set are probably the way to go.


TGP: Yes, it's Lead Adventure.

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These do look SPLENDID!  I have LOVED doing those Bruegelburg & other L.A.M. miniatures that I have gotten my hands on. 

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