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Retake on the battle.

Wings of Glory

Western Front



Cotton/Betts in an Airco DH.4 vs. a Luftstreitkrafte Albatros C.III

Bartlett/Naylor in an Airco DH.4     Meinecke/? In an Albatros C.III

In this encounter you will see more activity, especially with guns jamming frequently and a few close encounters.   In this battle the allies focused on the Luftstreitkrafte pilot, as once again the axis choose to maintain positions that do not allow for a quick response to another in trouble. DSCI0210.thumb.JPG.88962384eaa76466150814b3fe8624a7.JPG A great deal of Dogfighting, DSCI0211.thumb.JPG.14b71b73f438030247040789d76ebed3.JPGDSCI0212.thumb.JPG.0dda589b4254495690b1ada0077f7c6b.JPGand many shots being traded, DSCI0213.thumb.JPG.a6a5d4996bcdcd86e9121526d2092e9e.JPGDSCI0214.thumb.JPG.e7615efa6721273d19f39e8f78bae0b1.JPGDSCI0215.thumb.JPG.155004bc3a5a061bafc9c8394876f695.JPGDSCI0216.thumb.JPG.356ebd4117c426aca96bea2c955cdc57.JPGDSCI0217.thumb.JPG.b169e738e210fe64909392cfbd030187.JPGDSCI0219.thumb.JPG.18321b145b4e307d8fd5960937cb89c1.JPGDSCI0220.thumb.JPG.7c5c0094cc92a74b710db616b2b21698.JPGDSCI0221.thumb.JPG.15581eaa89ca3b75230ccc381e3cdf22.JPGDSCI0222.thumb.JPG.925411a97c0de19b550c5433f8d15321.JPGDSCI0223.thumb.JPG.c7e8608614941873faa6f606549c308e.JPGfinally the Luftstreitkrafte taking down Cotton.  DSCI0224.thumb.JPG.118fd302c596d93d269571ef4e9c7b6b.JPG(Yup, the Husband got the Wife this time.)   Bartlett is on his own and can he handle two opponents?  He continues to press the attack.  He finally moved in behind Meinecke and took him down, but in the mean time the Luftstreitkrafte pilot followed suit and replied in the same manner.DSCI0225.thumb.JPG.44b037b1413874bb44c94bc38eb277e7.JPG


Battle out comes is one to one.

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      I'm not too happy with how :D-Struct-Or came out.  He's a case of, stop before you aren't happy with the final product.  However because I did him first, I was more sparing with the others and I think they came out ok.  Good enough to look nice on the table top.  
      Thematic paint used (left to right):  Military Grey, Alien Ooze, Witchcraft Purple, Beacon Yellow, Maggot White (its hard to be thematic with an alien octopus woman)
      Bonus Thematic Paint:  Violet's hair is MSP SAMPLE PINK, which I hate using because there is a limited supply, but it always wants to be used.  I'm torn!

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