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Wings of Glory - WWII

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    • By Darcstaar
      Here is another of my Imperial Assault figures.
      IG-88.  I followed the Sorastro guide, which involved drybrushing, washes, drybrushing, etc.  4 or 5 cycles.
      Then painting on some forced highlights, then a blue wash on one side and a red one on the other.
      This was fast, and a little sloppy.  But fast.
      C&C Welcome.

    • By Darcstaar
      To break up your F5's for the Bones IV Kickstarter...
      Allow me to present another installment of my Imperial Assault work.
      I have been following the suggestions from the Sorastro Youtube Guides, but with Reaper Paints.

      Gideon Argus is a field general.
      It took a few tries to get a skin tone I was happy with, but I am pleased now.
      Not too sold on the dust effect on the jacket, but it is what it is.
      C&C welcome.

    • By Watchman
      Soooooo, those who read my Armada post may remember a statement I made that went like this: THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE... I think.   Well that went out the window when I saw some clearance planes called "Wings of War".  The models would look good on my display shelf... that is until I looked up  "Wings of War" and then "Wings of Glory" was listed also.  Needless to say when I saw the Videos they got me hook-line and sinker.
      Ah, the Emperor again, for scale comparison.
      The painting detail is quite impressive.
      So this is not the half of it.  Check out my next posting.
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