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I might accept this challenge with only an airbrush but never with the tiny brush allowed.


I will follow and cheer your progress and results.


Good luck!


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darn   I need more monitors to follow all of these insane forumites!


Let the party begin!

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Ugh. Okay, so this is getting off to a rousing start..

I'm not awake, but it should be /fine/. I'll just... give me a few here to figure out how to get my monitor to display a HUGE CLOCK (that L is very important in this context), and .. what was I doing? Dragon. Right. Knife, check, camera, check, big damn dragon, check ...

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Alright. At 3PM, roughly, we're calling this Goblin Challenge STARTED!

If anyone happens to find my sanity, please hold on to it, I'll need it next Monday.



... all those rocks in the picture? Reference materials. I'm going to need them later. For now ... MOLD LINES!

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Oooh, it should be so pretty once you're done! :wub:


All of the best luck to you, you're going to need it! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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