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Reblending brush, huh?  I'll file that away for a later purchase... though I have a sneaking suspicion I'll have to earn it instead of buy it...

*** winks ***

Delightful work (much less scary than last year).  Thanks for the cloth tips too... and all the intricate details and how you made even the tiniest jars.  I learn so much from your WIPs and am hoping I'll get to see some of it in person in October!  I'm sure I've learned from skin some, but some of you see things in skin that some of us just don't see yet.  I think that will come with the reblending brush...

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There is only a "Like" button...no "Love" button or "Wowza" button or "Holy Cow" button. I pushed "Like" due to lack of the other choices. I love her! If she should ever need a new home, DIBS! Thanks also for the painting tips on the freehand cloth. I have not attempted it yet but have watched dvd tutorials and am going to save this thread as well for when I get around to trying.

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