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Here is another of my Imperial Assault figures.
IG-88.  I followed the Sorastro guide, which involved drybrushing, washes, drybrushing, etc.  4 or 5 cycles.

Then painting on some forced highlights, then a blue wash on one side and a red one on the other.

This was fast, and a little sloppy.  But fast.

C&C Welcome.



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Looking Good!

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Great piece! I especially love the goldish-copperish tint that you have added to the notorious self-aware assasin droid we all love! 


Not to be nit-picky but the gun could have been slightly darker perhaps? Still awesome paint job..


Good hunting sir!

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Good work!

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Thank you.


@VolksFest Thank You for the comments.  I agree the gun could be darker.  This model was different from others in that the whole base coat was metallic, then washes, then drybrushing to pick up raised edges.  That meant tha gun was darkened with Nuln Oil (blackish wash) to make the gun look different than the droid.  I could have done some more darkening to the gun with extra washes after dry brushing.  It's a little lighter in the pictures than in hand, and I was OK with it, and was really not in love painting it, and just wanted to move on.

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