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Heroforge Adventuring Party

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Great paint job on all, but this has to be the oddest RPG group I've seen.  Are they a D&D/Harry Potter/Bikini Beach Babe mashup?

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Bikini model in the adventuring party?


Nicely painted.

I can't see any appreciable grain/steps. So good work.


I like the spiked chain guy the most, but the casting/printing proportions of the legs and feet are off to me.


And definitely a weird group, with a lightsaber spell slinger?!?

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I see Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 for sure. I'm thinking the first is inspired by Link? There might be some Assassin's Creed going on in the 3rd one too.

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Well done!


What I found with HEROFORGE is you have to clear coat the base model. One the coat holds it covers over all the pores and you can prime it and paint it as normal.

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