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Heroforge Adventuring Party

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Great paint job on all, but this has to be the oddest RPG group I've seen.  Are they a D&D/Harry Potter/Bikini Beach Babe mashup?

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Bikini model in the adventuring party?


Nicely painted.

I can't see any appreciable grain/steps. So good work.


I like the spiked chain guy the most, but the casting/printing proportions of the legs and feet are off to me.


And definitely a weird group, with a lightsaber spell slinger?!?

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I see Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 for sure. I'm thinking the first is inspired by Link? There might be some Assassin's Creed going on in the 3rd one too.

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Well done!


What I found with HEROFORGE is you have to clear coat the base model. One the coat holds it covers over all the pores and you can prime it and paint it as normal.

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    • By lexomatic
      Some friends are doing this, under their Infinite Dimensions Games, though I'm not involved. The Kickstarter will take place in March and is for digital files for 3D print. If I remember correctly there are no physical rewards. While people should hold off until the details of the crowdfund are released, my understanding is that the core set is done, any stretch goals will pay for the labour of doing the design/sculpting of those items only, so the core set would be ready as soon as funding period is over. 
      They have a Facebook and Instagram and more for lots of previews (but I'm not linking because I'm not sure what on those sites will break forum rules), and if anyone is attending BreakoutCon this year in Toronto, they will be there displaying.
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      I'm out and about with my travel paint kit again. This time, for some variety, I switched up projects and am working on some figures for my "modern" figure skirmish games.
      The two figures here are now awaiting base completion.
      First up is Erick, Paladin Initiate (03715). I got him as a prize last year at Gencon, for winning a speed painting round. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up with a little war band all out of speed paints, free figures, and prizes. 

      I'm not entirely happy about the eyes, but they won't really show in a tabletop game environment.
      The second figure was a freebie from Shapeways from Gencon this year.  I was favorably impressed with the surface finish they were able to achieve.  I've called him "Mr. Spiky" while working on him.  With the general look of the gear, I decided to interpret him as a half orc, and decided that the shield was formed out of some sort of dragon scale.


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      I am starting a WIP for these two giants. While distinctly different, I want to use some colors to tie them together. 
      Here they are primed and with a base coat for the skin tones.

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      And they* said 3D printing poses no threat to traditional miniatures...
      well maybe not yet, but still:

      There are a few more pics at my blog.
      This is a 3Dprint I printed out myself on my cheapo Flashforge Finder. Printed in PLA with .01 layer height. I scaled it a bit randomly to make a large one.
      The original model is by Axolote Gaming, an unexpected bonus item from their second Kickstarter, and also one of the better models of a Beholder I have seen yet.
      You can see the stepping from the printing process if you look closely. This is particularily obvious in the teeth and the eyeball as.the gloss varnish I used on the eye really made the stepping apparent. It was not half as bad before.
      At any rate, the stepping is really only apparent when looked at closely, or when magnified such as in the pictures. The fangs are a bit misshapen here and there, mostly from my printer not being all that great. I have not used a file when prepping, just clippers and a sharp hobby knife. Maybe a file would have straightened those teeth out properly. Something to try next time.
      The tentacles are hollow as their cross sections are to small to include any infill. This means they are quite brittle and prone to snappin off. Luckily only one of them broke during the removal of the supports though.
      My printer also left a lot of extremely fine hair-like strings attached to the finished print, so together with removing the print-supports there was quite a lot of prepwork.
      At least I did not have to wash it to get rid of the mould's release agents, as I have realized the truth: there is no mould.
      A note about painting 3D models: Neither drybrushing nor washes are good techniques for them, as the stepping will get accented and more pronounced. (and here I am with drybrushing and washes as my favorite techniques... argh!)
      I used a 50mm lipped base with a paperclip to make the stand.
      model by Axolote Gaming
      3D printed at .01 layer height
      50mm base
      *They still being Tom Kirby CEO of Games Workshop in  the 2014 GW Chairman’s Preamble to the Games Workshop CEO annual report.
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