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Inspirobot is a bot for inspirational quotes. It gets a background, and throws words together with somewhat decent grammar (usually). Occasionally it will hit a legitimately good combo. Often they don't make sense. Sometimes the results are downright creepy (and some are inappropriate). 




^^ The link. 


Examples! I chose tame ones as to not scare you off. 








What craziness are you getting? Worst I had was the 'bot telling me to get preggo, and that certain erm, acts, could cause zombies. 


Join me in laughing at this! 



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'The difference between a horse and alcohol is that alcohol will always be there.' :beer:


'Those who can celebrate lava can laugh at lies.' :blink:


'"Mother" means "genius".' <_< I feel insulted.



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  • If you are the dumbest person in the slaughterhouse, you are not truly experiencing the slaughterhouse.
  • Those who write about other people like to correct flatulence.
  • Karma can be as beautiful as a lie upon a stage.
  • Rainbows are designed to fill our lives with demons.
  • By the reptilian agenda we can make the North Pole a hot topic.
  • Consciousness. You might regret it.
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Doug, did yours imply that the reptiles are responsible for global warming? (5) 

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The first one was family inappropriate... the second one was this:


Einstein... you... Genius?

The others above were... pure inspirobot?

This one, though, was pure controversy!

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Where'd my pics go, dammit. Ok let's see if I remember what they said.

After the perversion comes the thought.

Only winners can break the new world.

And something I've already forgotten in the couple minutes since I read it. :wacko: 11:30 pm not good for memory. Time go sleep.

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Just remembered.

It is alright to forget you are the demons.

Now go sleep.

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3 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:
  • If you are the dumbest person in the slaughterhouse, you are not truly experiencing the slaughterhouse.

I don't know why, but I can just not stop laughing at this.

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And this one scared me...

Also...notice the header on the site, it changes every time..I have seen things as: Earth is Not an Alien Battlefield, Insectoids are not capable of running a tech company, etc.


It's also kinda addictive...




Edited by Glitterwolf
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      I hope you like her!


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