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77279 Narthrax the White

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The inks came!  I just spent an hour doing the eyes.  Also, I picked up a box of those nitrile gloves.  Yay for hindsight?


Step 1: Two coats of Red Liner in the eye sockets.






Step 2: Two coats of Solid White over the bulk of that area, leaving a rim of the Red Liner.






Step 3: Four coats of orange ink mixed up from Formula P3 Red and Orange.  Note: a tiny little smidge of red goes a loooooooong way!  This mixture is about 12 drops of yellow, plus I dipped just the tip of my brush into a single drop of red and mixed that in.






Step 4: Two layers of Solid White just at the area of focus where the pupils will go.






Step 5: Get caught up in the moment and forget to take pictures.  This one consisted of three layers of pure yellow Formula P3 ink over the dots and extending outwards into the orange.


Finally, Step 6: Pupils in Walnut Brown, one layer.






Whew!  I have to run now, I have a dinner and some gaming to go to, but the next post will probably be in Show Off once I've sealed everything and attached him to his base!

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    • By hrafna
      So i painted up my narthrax using purple to green chameleon on the wings, clear pirple for the body with a metallic purple drybrush, shining mitheril for the eyes and teeth and a milkyway auto pigment mixed into acrylic medium for the horns and tongue. Unfortunately the chameleon paint effect doesn't show up in pics, but looks amazing in person.

    • By wdmartin
      After two months of work, he is done!  I give you ... Narthrax the White.











      If that's not enough for you, there are a hundred and forty eight more pictures in the WIP thread, documenting his development in excruciating detail.
      On a side note, as I made the final adjustments and took the photos, I finished watching the climactic episode of Critical Role.  And it was awesome.
    • By Arbiter10
      Bones 4 is next month, but I'm still working through my backlog from Bones 2, lol. Here's my version of Narthrax, my favorite dragon from that KS. This was a really fun mini to paint. More pics and a detailed WIP over at my blog (link down in my sig).

    • By eldamir
      My most ambitious project to date, Narthrax was a fun little challenge for me over the last couple of weeks.  My son wanted him to be black, so after I based him in Stormy Grey, I mixed up 3 parts each Adamantine Black and Imperial Purple with a single drop of Pure Black (then repeated it several times!).  For the undersides of the wings, I replaced the Imperial Purple with Ruby Red - and did the same for his main back-spikes and horns.  I went too far down his tail with the reddened segments and after realizing that it just didn't look right, thought I had successfully covered it up - but from the backside picture, I can see a distinct reddish hue to the top of the upper tail.. 
      I also think I need to touch up the foot-pads and perhaps the trailing-edge bone tips on the wings with - they looked nice with just the Stormy Grey, but the camera is making me second guess that thought..

    • By First_Chief
      This is my first post in the work in progress and on the Reaper Forum in general.  Though I have been a ghost in the Forum watching.
      I am still fairly new to the hobby and I had started painting about two years ago.  However, a house fire at end of last July ended up basically halting my being able to paint until just recently.  Point of interest, I was working on Khanjira when it happened and a falling ceiling will destroy him.  The worst house damage was in my bed room right above my hobby area.
      But I have finally been able to get back to painting and I have really liked Narthrax for a while.  So, I have created this work in progress to help keep me motivated and moving.  I have the trouble of over thinking/researching things and never starting them.  So I am hoping this helps.  The plan is to have it done by the end of this next week.  If I am not feeling like moving on to another mini I am then thinking of basing it with a desert scene and it attacking a caravan.  I have the camel from Conan and really would just need a merchant like figure.
      So I have given him a nice bath and he is now drying.
      My plan is to paint him up like our bearded dragon, Albus (or according to my three year old, Albus Lizard).  Tried to get him posing on an out cropping of rocks but he is being lazy.

      The next step will be Brown Liner and then I will check it for mold lines again.  I was very impressed with how little mold lines were present and I am sure I have missed some.
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