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    • By Metalchaos
      Here are some "large" pictures of my entry for the Facebook Paint Your Dragon Reaper Group Painting Contest. I slightly modified the pose of this first edition 10012, Kaladrax so that it looks like he's pointing its left arm finger at an enemy or direction. I also converted the bones of the right hand and added a Wand of Orcus in his closed fist. The Wand of Orcus comes from Reaper's 10005, The Court of Abyst boxed set.

      On the base, I used natural rocks, Army Painter Wasteland Tuft and natural dry lichen as tumbleweed. I also used Milliput putty to build the dunes before covering them with sand and crackle paste to create dry soil.   Kaladrax the Dire Drake was sculpted by Jim Johnson. Comments and critiques are always very welcome.                        
    • By Evilhalfling
      I didn't need a dracolisk, but I am always looking for small dragons to use in games. 
      I bought this guy retail with the idea of cutting off his middle legs and re-sculpting him, in fact I lost track of the fact that I had one and bought a second. 
      One leg was unattached to I cut down the area around the socket and filled it with greenstuff. The other leg I cut off completely and cut down the plastic then cut the scale pattern in.  Cutting down was harder than sculpting up.  I was prepping the dragon for the "Paint Your Dragon Contest"  so I have no pictures of the process.  The base is removable, as I had planned for more elaborate detail. 
      I hadn't quite got him to done, but was throwing a layer of sealer over him so I didn't have to worry as much about handling, and I frosted him badly.
      Adding a layer of brush on gloss sealer helped, but the non-gloss sealer I tried did nothing, resulting in more weird patches. 
      despondent I moved on to other miniatures including another dragon, who was way more fun to paint (Insomnia, for the random rainbow challenge) 
      I retouched his wings, darkening them which made him look more like a black dragon, rather than grey.  and left the high gloss, cause why not.  The wing veins also never quite worked out.  So downplaying them was a plus.  
      After lots of bugging from minispawn,  I declared him done, and turned him over for her to play with.  She named him Patches. yeah that fits. 

      before frosting and glossing : 

    • By PurpleLlama
      So I've been pretty busy with work and other things and haven't had a chance to paint much lately.  Got this guy as a gift from a friend and painted it up a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty happy how everything turned out especially the eyes.  I used some owl pictures for reference.  Though usually their beaks are a dark grey, I wanted this to stand out a little more.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By Corporea
      This one has been sitting on my desk begging to be finished for awhile now.  After taking the pics I fiddled with the face and changed the color of the stained wood to a walnut which I like better.  I'll try to get a photo of that up at some point.  I had a wip on this with all my colors and process but the evil empire of photobucket ate the pictures.  
      I used some of the bright skin triad and for the shadow colors corporeal shade.  The basework is made from the firm sculpey (the gray type,) a stick and etched brass foliage.  The spider shield and barrel are from reaper's bones line.  The crystal I did with a few real ones and then just made the rest out of sculpey.  I had fun with the idea of someone emerging from shadow so painted the back with the shadow colors and then blended the front to back which gave me a very nice green I used also on the foliage.  I made that using a combo of chestnut brown, corporeal shade and linen white.
      Enjoy!  C&C welcome and feel free to ask any questions!  I can try to dig up some of the old photos, but having lost my hard drive, it may take time to find the right SD card.

      Also, I have clearly been playing too much Skyrim...
    • By Jasonator
      I started working on this several days ago.  Few Tricky spots (sword sheath wants to be flat against body, bends as you paint.
      The piece has some DEEP recesses, and it's going to be fun playing with the darks, shadows and lights.  I experimented on hair and beard
      to see what they will look like highlighted.  Some washes will bring those under control.  Think a snow capped plinth, or flowered one might
      be in order.  This piece needs a well thought out base !
      Here are a couple photo's to show where I am going with him.

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