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    • By Geoff Davis
      Rescued from my shelf of shame.  WIP is here: Glenraven WIP
      Any comments, criticism or suggestions are welcome. 



    • By Geoff Davis
      So when my PC found a magic torch, of course I had to have a new miniature for her.  This was for the same character I posted as Hosilla earlier.   Hosilla converted to archer.  She eventually came to a bad end... as I will show you shortly.

    • By Geoff Davis
      Darksword GlenRaven - Female Rogue with Sword and Dagger  DSM3103 Dennis Mize.
      Any comments, criticism or suggestions will be gratefully accepted. 
      Continuing with my exploration of lighting, I have retrieved GlenRaven from my shelf of shame and I am sending her striding across a grassy knoll at sunset.  I had already added the skirt a few years ago when experimenting with greenstuff.  First step in rescuing her was to repair the base (I previously tried and failed to remove her) and build a slight hill. 

      Next I marked where I wanted the light to be coming from.  The top of the arrow on the cork is aligned with a mark on her base.  When I have visually lined up the mark and the arrow, I am looking at her from the lighted direction, which I find helps me be more consistent with light direction. 

      Then I marked the shadow position the same way.

      And viewed from the front you can see where I have marked all the shadows in a first coat of walnut brown.  I also did a very light wash of oxford blue to bring out some of the fine details.

      Then the eyes, which were very tough to paint.  I'm not totally happy with them and may yet repaint them.  They are far too big and incorporate both the sculpted eye and her upped cheek.  I am finding them very hard to get at.

      I made lots of progress on the colours tonight.  I have added the deepest shadows on the back of the cloak and the back of her hair.  I've highlighted the skirt and boots, but I think they need to be brighter and yellower.  I haven't yet shaded/highlighted the flesh tones because I want them to match the colour and brightness of the other lighted areas when the sunset colours are added in.

    • By Geoff Davis
      Darksword Margaery Tyrell DSM5075 sculpted by Tom Meier.  I struggled with this miniature quite a lot.  She was on my painting desk for several years.  The reduced size photos make her look a lot better than she really is, so I've added a closeup of the face so you can see where I had challenges with details and blending.  Comments and criticism would be gratefully accepted.

    • By Chaoswolf
      Lithia surveyed her surroundings warily; the battle for this ship wasn't over yet. Thanks to the warning from that ELz-1 protection unit that their unusual passenger had, they were aware of the raiders almost as soon as they struck. The rest of the ship's security and crew had broken up into small groups to ferret out the attackers. Thanks to her background with the commandos, she was scouting ahead of the main group by herself, which was exactly how she liked it.
      I found this figure on the melt table at Reapercon; she was headless and had some damage to her back, but I liked the figure and grabbed it anyway. I recently rediscovered her a few weeks ago while I was looking for something else, and decided to fix her up. Her head came from ShieldWolf miniatures plastic shieldmaiden kit, and I covered up the damage on her back by giving her a backpack/comm unit/tech thingy made from part of a GW plasma pistol, and bits of Bones sprue carved to shape.
      Thanks for looking.


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