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So, the other day, I had one of those ideas that spring into my head full formed.  I had been discussing a golem made out of books on a Facebook DM page, and saw someone ask for a Book Golem in the KS comment (i think it was David Brawley but I'm not wading through the comments to make sure).


So with this on my mind I suddenly knew what it would look like.  And I wanted to have someone summoning one.  And who better than our bibliophile Sophie?


The idea is to have her in the foreground perfoming the summoning.  Behind her will be a bookcase (or two depending on how I need to valence thing out) with a stream of books flying off the shelves taking shape into the golem.  I may add some scrolls and such as well if needed.


I started making the books tonight.  I'll be trying out several methods as I will need multiple varieties.



Here are 12 books using wood and card board




And here is our heroine along with a picture of the materials used so far.  Craft stick and cardboard from a blister pack.  Reduce, reuse recycle!

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Neat idea!  How do you plan on making the books fly off the shelves? 


Black Cat Bases make a Book Golem, if you want to save yourself a little of the work...




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The business end of one of its club-like appendages should be an enormous Holy Book. That way...

...it can be, in a very real and literal sense...

...a Bible Thumper.

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2 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Neat idea!  How do you plan on making the books fly off the shelves? 


Black Cat Bases make a Book Golem, if you want to save yourself a little of the work...




Well, now I feel a little less original! ::P:


Still doing it though.  As to the flying books, I figure a wire, with the books attached (either glued to the wire or with the wire running through books).  Want to represent the golem in the middle of forming so you will be able to see the shape, but chunks will be missing.


We will have to see how well I pull this off.  I have a rough sketch of it at work, I'll see about doing a more detailed one and posting it.

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