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Now that I’m back from ReaperCon, it’s time to get started on this again. I want to get it finished in time to get plenty of feedback and then enter into contest at the LVO at the end of January.

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On 10/16/2017 at 8:24 AM, ub3r_n3rd said:

So this one isn’t going to be getting done in time. I was stressing out over it and it ended up with me realizing that rushing something like this would mean it’s not up to my standards for a competition piece. Judges (and most everyone else) can tell when you don’t put the right amount of time into a display piece. I will finish it up in time for the Las Vegas Open at the beginning of the year and then bring it to ReaperCon next year. 


Sorry if that disappoints some of you, but I need to bring my “A-game” and rushing to finish this was not it. 




In the end, it will make you happier, so it was the right decision.

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21 minutes ago, skippen said:


In the end, it will make you happier, so it was the right decision.

Yup. I feel good about the project and will give it the time it deserves to be put into competition as well as being something I proudly display. 

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On 10/13/2017 at 9:27 AM, Corporea said:

ok I know you're stressed and you want to finish but I want to help, so...

1. looks like you lost the midtone of your keeper's skintone.  If you have time, add it back in to smooth out the transition between you shadow and highlight. right now he's reading too extreme

2. fire- you want it to be a lightsource, so it needs to be light- needs more white at the base of it.  you could almost paint most of it white and then just glaze in a bit of the other colors overtop to get that light effect.  right now your tile reads as lighter than the fire- this happens often, so don't freak out. it's fixable. you just need more "light"

3. the frog demon's osl looks too dark. quick question- did you pain the yellow over the underside or did you highlight him there first? the second works better. remember- he needs to look "light" where light hits him. this means you have to do some highlighting before you put on the light's colos, or it will just look dark.  also- remember- if he is truly being lit mostly from below, he'll get the supercontrast effect:


the rest of him must be more shadowed to make the light stand out. even if he's getting some ambient light, it shouldn't compete with the fire, right? it doesn't have to be a huge darkening, but for osl to work best, we have to introduce more shadow or it will look flatter.


here's a grayscale of the scene:


does that make sense? I can see some highlighting on his underside so maybe just pop it up a notch!


don't stress and don't worry about this stuff if it will stress you more.  you've got a great composition and a really fun idea.  it's awesome, so hang in there!


What's the name of the referred painting?  I can never remember.

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so ummm i have an idea for your slaad demon.....Any time you give extreme underlighting to something it makes it look evil.   Make it look super evil with a red or yello0w light coming from underneath, a mid-range of greens to represent its flesh tone and a heavy amount of shadow on the back.  This should make it seem absolutely ominous.  Something akin to this:



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35 minutes ago, skippen said:


What's the name of the referred painting?  I can never remember.


Found it.

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