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I'm an ogre! Ogres have layers...

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For some reason, at first glance, I thought the threat title said "Ogres Have Lawyers."

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Very cool!


I love bob Olley's ogre sculpts; it's nice to see some painted up.:winkthumbs:

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    • By londwch
      Okay so I dug around in the drawer and pulled out six unpainted bones that I got in my batch that I bought.

      I gave them all a thorough scrub with a brush and warm soapy water and a toothbrush.  The ogre needed straightening up so I poured hot water over to readjust and then under cold to set.
      I attached all six using superglue to fender washer bases.  I got this tip on you tube and have been sticking to it since I started this process.  They are running out so I will look for an alternative afterwards.  But these are good and solid and make a good base.
      So now I have to decide which figure to work on....
      I have not primed any and up until now I have primed using "151" matt black spray paint.  I did not know exactly what to use so I tried this when I began.   
      I did pick up slightly after the photo and start to apply some blue to the Anhurian soldier using the same blue I mixed for a figure I was painting late last night.  But without primer it did not seem to want to settle very well.
      The two figures I have seen painted are by Doctor Faust ; the hell hound and the ogre.   
      Any comments/suggestions or generally helpful advice is gratefully welcomed.
    • By Grayfax
      Finished with my latest show and will have at least two months before I'm in another.  Figured out that having a nice hobby room all to myself didn't work so well as my wife would find things for me to do so that I didn't go in there and leave her feeling alone.  Moved my big painting desk back out into the living room so progress should be fine and if she leaves, she's not upset about it.  
      I had last stopped working on Yagun Oog well over a month ago, so I didn't want to try to jump back in on him right away.  Last week saw the Hangout Mini of the Month was another ogre, Kagunk, so I ordered him and he arrived yesterday in the mailbox.  After the show finished, I broke him open and began removing mold lines and smoothing things out.  For a while it seemed this was going to take several days, but soon I was back in the rhythm and by the time I write this he is ready for a washing.

      As you can see, he is slightly large.  In fact, I had to go scrounging in the cabinets to find something I could put him on to paint him.  The jeweler's vice would sort of work, but without a tab that is problematic.  Nope, he is going to get a glass jar of high quality olives and a lot of white-tack.  He will see brown liner or primer tomorrow!  Also going to have to figure out a base for him as the large 50 cm rounds I had donated by Jasper the 2nd are not quite big enough.  He may get a slice of a cedar limb, we'll see...
    • By OtterlyTrying
      This is my first WIP, so please bear with me on this.  
      I tried to do the base coat in the style of the brown liner trick only using sepia liner instead as I don't have brown liner.  However, I wasn't thinking and ended up using sepia wash...several layers of it.  After a V8 moment, I then realized that the instructions were for liner not wash.  A coat of sepia liner is shown below.

    • By aku-chan

      Presenting another Ogre Gangster from the game Wolsung by Micro Art Studio.
      Casting wasn't too good on this one, he's got pits, cracks and rough patches all over him, but I still think I did a decent job.
      He's also my final Ogre Gangster (I've still got a few Halfling Gangsters to paint though), so here's a group-shot:-

      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly appreciated.
    • By GreyLurker
      Was doing some prepwork for a Pathfinder campaign and realized, the PCs will be fighting an Ogre Sorceress fairly early on.  Kind of hit me that "Hey I just Got one of those"  so while I am still working through Bones 2, I went and dug into Bones 3 for this one. and damn she has turned out really nice.  Very proud of this one and can't wait till she beats down my players.

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