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Behir / Chinese Dragon

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As this is your first post;  welcome to your forums!


i don't think any apologies are necessary; that  dragon is beautiful!  I love the bold use of color.

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Wow, that came out really nice! 


Check out the forum contest: 


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Welcome to the Forum!

Have fun!


Very good job on the Dragon/Behir!

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Wow.. A stunning first post indeed.. I feel that we'll be seeing more of your excellent work in the very near future.. I do hope we do ^_^


Welcome on board.. Enjoy the ride!

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I love the colours!  Welcome to our corner of the interwebs and enjoy your stay!

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You did a fantastic job on this piece; great work!


Welcome to the forum.::):

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      Well,  I decided that I liked it a lot but the strange shape was a pain so I cut back the piece to the straight edges along one side.  Then using some architectural samples I have a ton of, I proceeded to make new tiles and intentionally break them.    They are 1/8" thick (3.2mm) and 2" x 2" in size.  After cutting them into squares, breaking them into bits is easy.

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      As always, Enjoy and Stay Tuned.
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      Beard did not come out very good on Camera.  Otherwise I think he turned out pretty good.

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      Not sure of the name on this one but he turned out pretty good.  I did the eyes on this one but because of the hood the camera I was using could pick it up and the flash washed everything out.

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