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    • By Savage Coyote
      Thought I'd post my recently completed pair of Commander II Anti-Grav tanks painted up in the ADON Regiment 45 "Bone Collectors" scheme!

    • By CAVBOSS
      WE ARE LIVE... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii

    • By jsalyers
      Its time to paint CAVs, mail them to people, and have fun.
      Link to the sign up thread below.
    • By jsalyers
      This year’s SS exchange includes painters from both the Reaper forums and Facebook.
      You must be a member of one of these sites to participate but you do not have to join the other - unless you want to.
      Agree to the guidelines for the SS exchange (see below)
      Answer all of the questions below and PM them to the organizer (me)
      Paint your assigned miniature and mail it by the deadline
      Welcome to the 2018 CAV Secret Santa exchange in which we purchase, paint and gift a miniature to another gamer in the spirit of the season. The idea here is to have fun, get to know one another, and spread the joy of CAV:SO. :)
      Here are our simple exchange guidelines.
      Please do not sign-up on both the Reaper Forums and Facebook - use one or the other not both.
      Please keep the cost of your gift to the value of a single blister pack.
      Fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me in a PM.
      Please don’t contact your SS exchange partner unless I indicate that they are ok with this. I’ve included this as an option in the questionnaire. Please respect the privacy of  others.
      We’ll accept sign-ups until October 15th.
      I’ll assign partners by October 22nd.
      A work in process photo of your miniature is due by November 22.
      Send the photo to the organizer (me) and I’ll share them to the various groups as appropriate.
      Ship your miniature in time for delivery to its recipient - December 17th if you’re shipping domestically in the United States. If you’re shipping internationally then you’ll need to send your gift earlier.
      When painting a miniature for your recipient please respect their requests. Some people love the idea of peppermint striped CAVs others are looking for something they can add to a serious force - keep this in mind.
      If you are mailing internationally don’t send anything other than the miniature unless your recipient has approved all of the extra items. Customs can be a difficult and complicated process especially for plant matter, powder, and other seemingly innocent materials. Please list only the actual cost of the miniature as the value on the customs form and list the item as a gift.
      Everyone who signs up must understand that Secret Santas can and do fail. There is no guarantee that you'll receive a model. Such is the nature of these exchanges.
      If something happens and you can not meet your commitment please contact the organizer (me) as early as possible. I’ll make arrangements to take care of your recipient. There is no shame in this… life happens to all of us.

      2018 CAV Secret Santa exchange questionnaire
      Mailing Information
      [Your Name]
      [Your Full Address]
      Miniature Information
      [A list of models that you would like to receive in the SS exchange.]
      [Desired paint scheme and basing - please be specific. Don’t say '...anything will do...'. Help your painter out]
      Personal Information
      Are you willing to ship internationally?
      Are you open to communication with your painter?
      Sample questionnaire
      Mailing Information
      Gertrude Painter
      1234 Some Street
      Paint Town, Paint State
      Miniature Information
      CAVs: Rhino, Crusader, Talon TANKs: Naginato AIRCRAFT: Longbow
      Urban camo blue, grey, white - digital camo if possible
      Urban basing
      Personal Information
      I will ship internationally
      I am open to communication with my painter
    • By Gaspez Arts
      We are proud to announce our third campaign on KS.
      We want to share with some example from our KS page.
      In the next days we'll share more pictures and the preview link of our page

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