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Digital Dungeon Rooms

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Digital Dungeon Rooms has just 1 day to go. Over 700% funded, 5 Stretch Goals Unlocked, More than 100 Dungeon Rooms/Tiles and Mega-Dungeon Maps for just $32 AUD. All art is 100% complete and will be delivered this September. High Resolution, Detailed PNG files. 5 Commercial Licenses left of 20. Don't miss out on this chance for a huge range of Sewers, Catacombs, Labyrinth tiles and rooms for your Oldhammer RPGs. 

[Thank you for sharing the campaign Samurai Jack :) ]



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    • By Argentee
      I have the single deckers, and really like them. After failing to fund last time, the designer hit some trade shows, lined up some other financing, and has relaunched the campaign for double decker caddies. I think these would be great for games like Gloom that with the expansions quickly outgrow their original boxes.
    • By SamuraiJack
      GT Studio Creations needs your help to create the most amazing orc fantasy miniatures you have ever seen!!!
    • By SamuraiJack
      About this project
       Trio is born from my videogames experience, is born by my idea to create a variegated set that include different types of subjects including animals, armours, textiles and skins of various types. The busts of this campaign are all handsculpted by Alberto Acquaviva and me and all are in resin cast. Through this busts i want to show you how the wisdom can be beautiful and delicate, how the courage can be aggressive in front of a trial and how the power can corrupt your face...and your soul. All this collection busts are composed just by one piece except Heero, the courage that is composed by three parts. The collection has been conceived to be easy to assemple and ready from the unboxing to be painted. Is a good trial for both beginners and veteran painters. You can play with colors, lighting effects or freehanding on open surfaces, on little details or animal mantles. So,I hope my project excites and involves you like it did to me. Thanks for reading. Below you'll find the description of all characters, their size and more details on this campaign.
      Regarding the shipping costs there are two price ranges.  
      First range: shipping up to 4 figures, 5€  
      Second range: 5+ figures,10€ However be informed that the more models you'll purchase, the bigger will be the discount applied, so your shipping will be anyway cheap.
    • By Sergeant_Crunch
      Looks like plastic mecha are all the rage. Between Robotech and CAV I'm going to be up to my ears in mecha...but the idea of gears that don't cost an arm and a leg may be too much to resist. Don't know that I'll go big on this one, probably one of the army boxes or a $1 pledge with some add-ons. These aren't likely to be used with their game so I'm not looking to get more than handful, definitely not more than say, 20.
      Says starting in October, not sure when though.
      MOD EDIT - project live. Link to kickstarter:
    • By Gaspez Arts
      I edited this post to communicate the start of the Kickstarter campaign for the new Choas Dwarf team : the Bull Warriors!
      go to Kickstarterr page and take a look
      If you are interested to this team go there asap: only for the first day of the campaign this mutated chaos dwarf is free with the early bird pledges

      Thank you all
      The old post:
      Hi all!
      The Kickstarter campaign for my new Chaos Dwarf team will start September 5th and here there is a little preview.
      This team doesn't need any introduction: they are strong, they are bad, they are bloodthirsty, they are the Bull Warriors Chaos Dwarfs.
      Take a look .. and let me know what you think of this preview:
      Here you can see some members of the team: 3 chaos dwarfs, one bull centaur and one hobgoblin

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