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Some time ago I bought a whole lot of plastic trees from China to make wargaming terrain with. I've finally got around to making a start on basing some of them.

The bases are 3mm MDF, the brown forest floor is real dead leaves munched up in a little ten dollar coffee grinder, and the grass is old-school sawdust flock. Lurking in under the trees behind the Lanchester armoured car is a 15mm British wireless operator, but so good is his camouflage that you can't really see him.

They're not the most realistic terrain pieces ever made, but considering that the trees cost me about fifteen cents each, and everything else was basically free, I'm pretty happy with the results. This is about a fifth of the whole bunch, so I've still got a bit of work ahead of me.

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They do look SPLENDID. While they might not be completely realistic, they give an impression of the way a tree should look that is most pleasing...they look TERRIFIC with the armored car. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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They look very good, and you certainly can't argue with the price!


Also, the radio operator is on the tree stand second from the right, front row, kinda behind the left front fender/wheel well of the armored car.

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@MojoBob, how tough are those trees? I want a bunch more but looking for something tougher than what I have. Mine looked good at first but don't take much handling before getting raggedy. They're white metal or plastic armatures that you need to glue flock and/or cotton batting/webbing on. They take a bit of work to make and can get messed up easily.

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    • By kristof65
      It's been 6 years since I last played a sci-fi table top game in 28mm.  Wondering what is out there BESIDES 40k these days? What are you playing and/or what do you recommend?

      My favorite in the past were 40k 2e and Necromunda.  I prefer more skirmish level, and capable of handling multiple players/sides. 
    • By MojoBob

      Here's an old Medieval wargaming miniature from the 1980s, produced by Essex Miniatures.

      Essex were among the first to start producing larger scale 28mm miniatures, although they actually advertised them as 25mm. Up until then, 25mm had been the standard, and Essex armies towered over their opponents on the wargames table. Basing systems had been designed for 25mm figures too, so Essex figures tended to be very crowded on bases designed for the smaller scale.

      They tended towards rather caricatured, cartoonish features, but I always rather liked them, except for their horses which looked a bit small and spindly underneath their gigantic riders. Eventually they also started producing 15mm miniatures which were also excellent, and a lot more affordable than larger scale armies.
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      So my gaming group is trying to relaunch some 40K interest I've been tasked with providing some greenery to the table.  I've enlisted the help of my 8 year old as he's very keen to start playing himself and we've raided the local Ikea and a pet store and set to work.  
      Thus far, we broken our purchases down and everything has been washed.  I was going to paint up a bunch of them using some different colours to represent alien plant-life but my son doesn't like the idea so at least the initial ones will be "normal" looking.  I still plan on hitting them with a little airbrushed green/yellow/brown to add some pop.  
      Tonight will be some prototyping of combinations and I'll probably cut out some random shapes of MDF to use as bases.  I was going to use some of my base boss loot but...  

      Thanks for looking.  
    • By Manateedream
      Hello all! I am a very novice beginner to miniature painting, and have only been doing it for about a year or so. I feel like my skills are leveling up pretty quickly, but still need some advice.
      My friend is trying to coax me into pen and paper RPGs like DnD and pathfinder, and we are currently doing a pathfinder session. To add flavor to the games and because I like to feel like I'm participating, I'm working on terrain and buildings. The first building that I'm nearing completion on is Tabletop World's Mansion.

      Because of the large size of the model (and the hope that I'll be getting more pieces, creating a city that will look like it all came from the same forest/quarry/paint shoppe) I went to various Hardware stores and bought actual high quality building/house paint. I'm a little concerned this was a bad move, since I know model paint is specifically made for small scales. The colors for the mansion were ripped from the Winchester Mystery House photos because I love the design and colors. 







      So the main question I have is regarding sealing. I've heard krylon matte spray can leave a sticky residue, and I want to avoid that. I was wondering what sealing spray I should use since I went with actual house paints. Because the parts where the house fits together are extremely snug, my desire is to paint on a gloss coat for the connecting parts, so when the mansion is put together/pulled apart the gloss coat will protect the paint better from rubbing off. Or will it stick together because of the gloss coat? Looking for advice on that. 


      Finally, the wood flooring I would like to look a little more aged. I'm kind of worried about adding grey or white with dry brushing but will probably end up doing that. The wood color was a brown paint I had mixed up at the hardware store, so I figured I would brush some burnt umber over it and then go with some kind of gray and then white for the aged look. 
      This is almost finished, I'm very much a "good enough" worker and hobbyist, and so long as it looks decent on the table I'll be happy. I could certainly obsess over the tiny details for the next 10 years, but I like my sanity. Looking for some advice on the sealing/aging wood though! 
      Thank you for reading my post. Sorry about the length.
    • By Darsc Zacal
      So as the topic line says, a movie about all things Wargaming:
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