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    • By Inarah
      Most of you have heard me talk about the paint and take that my husband and I run for our local convention. It is sponsored by the local high school game club and held in the gym.  Thanks to donations from local gamers, and people at Reapercon we are able to offer this event completely free to the kids (and their parents) who attend. 
      Here are some photos of the many figures that were painted this weekend.  As you can see the little dragons and fairies, and mouslings are very popular with the kids.  We had a greater number of kids this year for which this was their first time at a game con, and their first time painting a mini. 





    • By SparrowMarie
      So my nieces are in town visiting from the east coast. The little one (6) loves painting anything, she was painting clothes pins while I was there the other day. The older one (10) loves art in general. So I thought it'd be a great thing to introduce them to minis painting. So with a little guidance they painted their first minis yesterday.
      6 year old painted these:
      The 10 year old did these:
      I was really impressed by both of the girls. I left a bunch of craft paint, brushes, and some minis there so maybe they'll have done more last night. I'll find out today or later next week. It was great fun.
    • By Inarah
      Once a year my husband and I run a Paint and Take table at a local convention, Recruits.  It's held at the high school, admission is free for all area students, games are child friendly, etc.  We get a great turnout.  The paint table is free for kids of all ages, even grownup kids, and it is funded entirely with donations.  All of the figures, all of the paint, water cups, brushes, etc come from the wonderful community we have here, from the internet, and from vendors.  It's typical for me to arrive early Saturday to set up and find one or more anonymous boxes of figures or paint waiting.  A couple of years ago at Reapercon folks helped fill a box with mouslings for me to give away.  I couldn't do this without the support I get from the painting and gaming community. 
      Anyway, here are a few of the less blurry photos from yesterday. I've tried to optimize them for loading, so I hope the page isn't too slow. 



    • By Werewolvians
      The prospect of painting a mother and two kids wasn't all that appealing to me. So I got creative and actually had a lot of fun with this one.

    • By Citrine
      Mother and children celebrate 17th of May (Norwegian Constitution Day).  The mother is dressed in Sunnmors-bunad (my mom is from there), while the older boy is dressed in a Samekofte (representing my grandmother on my father side of the family).  Only thing missing is 1 or more Norwegian flags, but mom seems to have her hands full.  I went with brown hair on mom since brown hair is the most common haircolor in Norway, despite the blond stereotype...
      The faces and especially eyes are pretty terrible, but the details were really soft and my attempt at greenstuff surgery were pretty bad.  At least the mini is done in time for the contest, yay.

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