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I think you have this in the bag!   You spent enough time on writing up the rulzes from a gobliniod slant that you may turn into one instead of maintaining your alien presence!  Or are scary aliens  an exception to that penalty??


Please check your paint station for removal of sharp objects including, but not restricted to, pointed paint brushes exceeding the fore mentioned size 0!

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Woohoo! Another victim challenger! You can do eeeeet!

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OMG! You're insane!!!



I mean, go for it, you can doooo eeetttt!!!!!

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>Settles into the couch next to the popcorn....er, Sylverthorne to watch the proceedings<


Good luck, Guindyloo!!

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Related image


I *think* she's saying, "You can dooooo eeeeeeeet!" Either that, or she loves face hugs, either way. Good luck and kick elf!!



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We have faith that you can bring our boyfriends into glorious color!



The paint minion believes in you also....



help me!!!!!!!

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Ok progress I've made so far - I spent about an hour on mold lines. There's not a ton but what's there is very bothersome. Eventually I just gave up and moved on. 

I then moved on to gluing the necks, arms, back leg and tail. Then I greenstuffed all of the gaps. I accidentally mixed up enough green stuff to make a whole baby Ma'al so that's nice. It was taking forever though because I don't have proper sculpting tools, just these hard plastic ones. Which are fine when you're working with smooth surfaces. Not great when you have a bunch of crevices and ridges to maneuver around. So I improvised by sacrificing a couple of my synthetic cheapy size 0 brushes which worked pretty well for smooshing the greenstuff in and that made things go much faster. The tail is still pretty sketchy because it wiggles a lot. If I had more time maybe I could fix that but eh, I'm just going to try to be careful with it. 



And here are the poor brushes that valiantly gave their lives to the cause. 



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ohh some subjects ready to become slop or dry brush brushes... they can be resurrected or at least undead!

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Taking another short break so here's where I'm at right now. One side of both wings, all of the heads and one of the rocks are brown-linered. 




My goal for the night is to get the other rock and the other sides of the wings brown-linered before I go to bed in about an hour and a half. I think it should be doable. 

Im holding off on doing anything else to the body tonight so I don't mess up the green stuff, so that will wait until tomorrow to get brown-linered. 

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    • By Flit
      I have finally started working on my many Bones minis. This first one is 773000 Antipaladin by Bobby Jackson. It is mostly an experimental/ practice piece. I am not completely happy with my mold line removal, but in this case I am not going to worry about it too much. Mostly it is to get me acquainted with working with Bones minis and to experiment with my new Scale 75 metallic paints. I am not happy with all of the photos, my old photo setup got broken and I haven't gotten it replaced yet and just as I was taking these pictures one of my light bulbs went out and I don't have a replacement. Should be able to get better pics once I get a new bulb.
      First off I base coated the cape with Nightmare Black. This was a new paint purchase and I wanted to play with it. Really like this color.
      Next I used Faded black to Undercoat the skulls on the armor. I'm planning to do these in a metallic steel. Used Tanned skin as a base coat on his head.
      Next came Ultramarine Shadow for the armor undercoat. I really like this color for this as I am going to do the majority of the armor in a dark blue steel tone. The only down side is that the blue colors are fairly transparent and so take several coats to get good coverage.
      Looks like I am having some chipping issues, but I think I have that issue solved. Hope to get some more work done on him soon if life doesn't make me do other things first

    • By Darcstaar
      I love this figure.
      Not so much the bendy weapons, but I straightened them out.
      They have bent back a little (Sword).

      I did a WIP on him.  Thanks for the encouragement along the way.
      He is another for our Reign of Winter Adventure Path.  My DM said "Vikings."  Kord has that vibe for sure.

      I tried to paint the base like grass.
      The hardest part was the nmm on the axe, and trying to get the runes to show up on the sword.  It's a very irregular axe shape, so it was tough to figure out how to do it.
      My green stuff patch job on the wolf pelt was not the greatest, but it is decent enough camouflage.
      The second-hardest part of the figure to me was figuring out what parts of the pelt were what.  What is tail? What are legs?  I did my best.
      Overall, I'm pleased with him.  He seems like such a bad-a$$.
      As for the pics, iPhone seems to be good for far away, but really "blobby" for up close.  Maybe it is suffering from zoom.
      C&C Welcome.
    • By Citrine
      First up is Terezinya, Bonepander Wizard (Reaper 77173).  She had been sitting on my paint desk partially painted for so long that her base got dusty, oops.  She always gave me a pirate wibe, hence the plank base.

      Nienna, Female Elf Ranger (Reaper 77091) is another one that sat partially painted for a really long time.  All that green, how do I paint all her knickknacks in an interesting way without making her stand out in forest?  Finally just brute forced it to get her done.

      Trista, the White Wolf (Reaper 77094), she didn't languish as long as the other two, but like normal I got stuck on deciding on colors for all the details.  But with 3 off the desk of shame I can start on something new!

    • By Evilhalfling
      In response to a local club challenge, I painted this dwarf in 3 colors chosen by a computer program.
      written by @SirLarpsAlot
      Golden Yelllow, Winter Blue and Leather Brown + B&W 
      edit, I do need to fix that eye... 

    • By Felltyde
      Can’t remember the mold, sorry...added some GW heads I had laying around. Needed an executioner for a game...seemed fitting 

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