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I think you have this in the bag!   You spent enough time on writing up the rulzes from a gobliniod slant that you may turn into one instead of maintaining your alien presence!  Or are scary aliens  an exception to that penalty??


Please check your paint station for removal of sharp objects including, but not restricted to, pointed paint brushes exceeding the fore mentioned size 0!

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Woohoo! Another victim challenger! You can do eeeeet!

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>Settles into the couch next to the popcorn....er, Sylverthorne to watch the proceedings<


Good luck, Guindyloo!!

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Related image


I *think* she's saying, "You can dooooo eeeeeeeet!" Either that, or she loves face hugs, either way. Good luck and kick elf!!



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We have faith that you can bring our boyfriends into glorious color!



The paint minion believes in you also....



help me!!!!!!!

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Ok progress I've made so far - I spent about an hour on mold lines. There's not a ton but what's there is very bothersome. Eventually I just gave up and moved on. 

I then moved on to gluing the necks, arms, back leg and tail. Then I greenstuffed all of the gaps. I accidentally mixed up enough green stuff to make a whole baby Ma'al so that's nice. It was taking forever though because I don't have proper sculpting tools, just these hard plastic ones. Which are fine when you're working with smooth surfaces. Not great when you have a bunch of crevices and ridges to maneuver around. So I improvised by sacrificing a couple of my synthetic cheapy size 0 brushes which worked pretty well for smooshing the greenstuff in and that made things go much faster. The tail is still pretty sketchy because it wiggles a lot. If I had more time maybe I could fix that but eh, I'm just going to try to be careful with it. 



And here are the poor brushes that valiantly gave their lives to the cause. 



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ohh some subjects ready to become slop or dry brush brushes... they can be resurrected or at least undead!

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Taking another short break so here's where I'm at right now. One side of both wings, all of the heads and one of the rocks are brown-linered. 




My goal for the night is to get the other rock and the other sides of the wings brown-linered before I go to bed in about an hour and a half. I think it should be doable. 

Im holding off on doing anything else to the body tonight so I don't mess up the green stuff, so that will wait until tomorrow to get brown-linered. 

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    • By waska
      Is there a conversion chart somewhere or a list of colors for the HD lines and how they map to the 'new' Bones HD line replacement? I am trying to compare colors and all charts online utilize the HD line and not sure how I can tie in the HD line with the Bones HD lines which I have.
      This is the conversion chart I am using and as you can see there is only the HD line. So trying to figure out which of the Bones HD to substitute in.
      Thanks all for your input.
      Reaper Bones: 

      HD Set 1:

      HD Set 2:

      HD Set 3:

    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Hey all,
      It's been a while!  Didn't get a lot of painting done in the back half of last year because of a few things, but I have started to climb back to the painting desk.  I have a few projects I have completed that I will have to upload, but for now enjoy this rendition of Nor'Okk the Ettin.
      For some reason I have a soft spot for large, Ogre-like miniatures.  I like the scale, I like that they're humanoid but big enough to have really good opportunities to play with muscle tone, etc.  I do have a lot of ogres set up to work on, so I wanted to make this ettin different looking.  It's not perfect, but I frankly had to get him wrapped up before Bones 4 inundates me even further!
      Thanks for looking. C and C always appreciated.

    • By Knight of the Dinner Table
      I was painting Kieran Tallowmire. I was quite apprehensive as I found that miniature to be quite daunting will all the detail (books, candle, familiar on shoulder ...). I first wanted him to be different ... so no grey robes, no blue robes ... I went for green, which totally did not work out. So he ended up with blue robes (was the easiest way to salvage the wreck that "dark green" had done).
      Of course, the way he is holding the book and his hand, he is conjuring something,  but if green had worked, I would not have had an idea what - a plant maybe? Blue robes - water mage, water elemental. So I remembered that somewhere in my stash of 3D print files, where was a baptismal font, which looked like it could be used with Kieran.
      The next idea was to get some water sprite / elemental that was conjured out of the font ... and with a 3D file you can scale and reduce the size, so that is what I did with a water elemental / Water snake I had.
      A couple of mishaps later (me using liquid water for the first time, for example, and discovering that my version dissolves normal plastic glue) ... this is the result: I really think I had some good ideas, I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with my execution - but as I usually strive for table-top quality, I think it's ok.
      The base is resin by Fenryll ... Thinking about using red on the runes outside the pentagram ... or do the blue, too? Or just leave them as they are?
      Criticism welcome.


    • By Fencig
      Some basic table-top paints here,  The owlbear paint is (more or less) a straight up copy of the Reaper website example but i think the base is interesting.  It starts off basically as a rock/gravel pile, and I thought it was rather boring so i turned it into the Owl Bear's cave floor covered in feces about an arms length deep. Practiced some sculpting on it. With P3 putty The big rocks were turned into Ogre skulls, a horse skull, and a face-down skeleton of some sad creature, all simmering in poo :)

      The Ankheg, it's always a balance of painting something like for max visual appeal or realism, went with the latter since something that just burst out of the ground would be pretty dirty, at least on the side it's digging with. This is my own work, did not copy anything so in that regard I'm pretty happy with it.

      For the back, went with a Game Color Dragon Green mixed with Filigree Silver, highlighted with a mix of bright yellow, Army painter Hemp rope, and a touch silver.

      The Owl Bear fur is  Black Base + Citadel Rhinox Hide ,Game-color Woodland Brown and Dessert Tan layered in. Wings are Stormy gray lightening out Rainy gray  on tips. For some reason this model was really east to paint ,  it never fought back like some of them do, (probably because i coped a picture ;)

      natural light

    • By boldfont
      I don’t have the lot number yet. Also, this is my first post so guidance on posting conventions is welcome. 
      The Bones 4 haul was extraordinary!
      Edit: sized down. I’ll figure out how to get down to 150 kB later. 

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