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Thanks, guys! I'm glad y'all are liking it!

This one got away from me a little bit but that's okay. 






So I have just under 8 hours left and here's what I have left to do:





The entire base lol

And I still have to put yellow on the backs of the wings


RIP my back


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I really like both the eyes and the scale texture you've done. I hope you finish in time, because it's important to you, but I've already gotten my money's worth from your pain.


If I had spent money.


Go, go, go!

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Well done!  Wait, that hardly seems adequate.  EXCEPTIONALLY WELL DONE!  You have not only slain your beastie, not only done an absolutely AMAZING paintjob, but you have beaten everybody to slay all four!  You have transcended, and are now THE ULTIMATE GOBLIN.


Use your new powers wisely.  Or not,  Whatever strikes you.


So that all may see your legendary feat and love you and despair... here is your brand new, completely unique, super RARE fancy badge.




Feels like it ought to be gold or something.

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YAAAYYY!!!! :wub:::D::blues: There ain't enough emoticons to express what I feel looking at that dragon. I'm in awe at both the speed and the quality. You seriously rock. You'll have to excuse me for a bit while I hide and cry because I can't do that good.

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As I said you would, you have created yet another amazing masterpiece. You did exactly what you were going for; when I squint my eyes a little, the wings look like the sun setting behind the Sierra Nevada. Congratulations on such gorgeous work, I'm proud of you (again).

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Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad y'all like him!

As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm pretty exhausted. I was obviously working right up to the last few minutes and then it took me a while to get a setup together to take pictures for the official entry thread that hopefully won't make Doug ashamed of me. ::P: I'll probably put up a show off thread with a photo dump tomorrow. I would've liked a few more hours to not have to rush things at the end there, but I'm really proud of how everything came together. Thank you for the support and encouragement, it really did help me get through the blood, sweat and tears (literally all 3 of those things) that I poured into this thing.

It was really rough, but damn that badge looks good in my signature. :B):

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I think the photos are really strong. They show the detail well, the colors are vibrant, focus is good, and there aren't any significant distractions.


Oh, and the dragon is cool too.





Really, really cool. I'm amazed at what you have created. And more amazed that you could do it under the handicaps of limited time and tools. I hope I get to see it at ReaperCon.


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