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Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

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An actually local FLGS has opened in my home town.  Being a pretty small town, the main things going on seem to be Magic and 40K.  Not having a 40K army I had a look around and decided I liked the Horus Heresy marines.


Problem is, Marines are a bit of a blank canvas and I don't have an artists eye for color so I tossed some different paints on a couple figs.  The one I liked the best was based on Marine Teal. 




I think the basic color scheme is sound but I have some questions about some of the accessories.  


I'm not sure what to do with the bolter.  I think more teal and brass would be too much but other things I've tried didn't quite work.  The blue on it now isn't bad but I think it could be better.


I did the lava base mostly because I wanted an excuse to use the Basius pads I got from their Kickstarter.  From what I remember from the Jen & Ann's DVD section on color theory the warm colors might bring too much focus from the mini itself?  Any thoughts on that?

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What about white or yellow for the bolter?


Any thoughts about a chapter name or badge?


The teal actually makes me think of my Necrons (abandoned years ago).  I was working with an Egyptian-esque inspired theme.  As such, I was working with white, yellow, teal, green(?), red, and black.

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Got the other Horus Heresy box and messed around with mixing and matching bits from each




That's the same base but based on feedback I got from a gaming buddy I brightened up the lava a bit.


Do people like this one better?  I think I like not having quite so much bronze trim.

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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like the base better that way!




People at the FLGS seemed to like it a lot too.  They were way more impressed than when they saw it without any basing.  I think I need to order some of Reapers 32mm bases because I think they'll take the green stuff better than GW's do.  Also, more greenstuff.


9 hours ago, Bloodhowl said:

I think the Bolter needs to contrast from the armor. It sort of blends into it right now. Maybe red or orange on the flat plates?


I can't seem to get the Bolters right.  Either they stand out too much or they seem to blend in too well.  I will say that in person the marine is a little more teal so the Bolter stands out a bit more.  Next step is definitely some more Bolter experiments though.

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I really like the red bolter with the blue, for its contrast, but I would also second chaoshead, and suggest taking a look at black, especially if you think the red is too cartoony. Don't worry about too much red though really, there's a creativity 'rule' called rule of three, that basically  states that things accented in 3 ways tend to stand out more, but also look more appealing as a pattern. (I'm stating this really generally, but yeah, using a spot color 3 times accents it better than 2... it's a wierd brain thing.)

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I think black stands out against the blue.

You might want to out some yellow or orange stripes on them, you know...danger area markings.

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The red bolter is starting to grow on me so I did some more tests.



Rusty Red with some highlights that didn't quite come off.



Mahogany Brown with Rusty Red highlights.  I think with smoother transitions this might work.



Added some shading to the Rusty Red bolter and changed the metal color.  Maybe deepening the shading on this and switching the metal (except for the barrel?) back to silver could work.  


Sorry for spamming so many bolters but I haven't yet found a scheme that I like as well as the rest of the marine yet and it's annoying me.

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The last Red Bolter looks fine!


*** Space Marines ARE annoying...Join CHAAAOOOSSSS!!!!*****

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