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Both pieces are BEAUTIFUL, but the Big Cat is WONDERFULLY imaginative as well. VERY WELL DONE!

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23 hours ago, Bustedknee said:

The cosmic kitty is awesome.  My daughter glanced over, saw it and declared it the greatest mini ever.  well done.

Lol, my daughter was over my shoulder the whole time I was painting guen. Fascinated.

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Oh my wird.. This is one of those rare moments when skill is combined with imaginative & creative thinking and magic happens as a result! 


I applaud loudly! 

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On 9/13/2017 at 3:04 PM, Blinken said:

Gale Force is still releasing figures in the Collector's series: http://www.gf9-dnd.com/miniatures.aspx 

But that Drizzt set is hard to find now!

At Gen Con they had a Minsc and Boo figure: 





Cool thanks, it was a while since they posted anything after those giants. I had just looked before I posted Drizzt and Guen




On 9/14/2017 at 6:50 AM, VolksFest said:

Oh my wird.. This is one of those rare moments when skill is combined with imaginative & creative thinking and magic happens as a result! 


I applaud loudly! 




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    • By Rat13
      For the last year I've been playing in D&D's Adventure League at my local gamestore. In that year we have gone from one table with an occasional second, to three full tables and we're approaching the need for a fourth. So the decision was made to start a "pay to play" system.
      Currently we meet every Saturday and run four hour sessions. The price they've decided will be one dollar an hour. So each player will pay four dollars a session, which will be paid to the DM in the form of store credit. The idea was to help the DM's pay for miniatures, books, modules, and anything else they may need.
      I'm a bit on the fence about this. I make sure the shop receives at least three dollars each week from me in sodas, and usually end up spending about twenty each month on random comics and figures. It might not sound like much but between myself and my wife I feel we do our part (She usually makes a "large" purchase every two weeks). So as far as paying our way to the shop I believe we're covered.
      Now as for the DM I'd say we're a little lacking. As a group we do our best to change out our DMs so they have a chance to play. Thanks to my wife I've started helping out in that department though.
      At the moment I am currently a DM so I know how hard running a game can be, not to mention the prep that goes into it before you even reach the table. Personally I end up prepping about two hours every week. As a DM I don't feel comfortable accepting money in a "pay to play" system though.
      The only reason I'm even DMing is because someone had to and my wife kinda volunteered me. If I was a player I think I'd support this "new" system (the shop is making money with the added benefit of the DM being able to get necessary "supplies"), but as a DM this just doesn't feel right to me.
      Am I being crazy? This is my hobby, even though painting is the main part, taking money just feels dirty. Does anyone else feel like this?
    • By Grayfax
      Critical Role resumes tonight (just in case you didn't know) in a brand new campaign with all new characters.  I'll be watching it on Alpha, using my same personae.  

      We have no idea who will be who, or what they will be or where they will start, but the conjecture is strong.  
      Once the show has aired, please use Spoiler tags for any content that needs it.  As the show is airing, feel free to discuss it!  There is a spoiler tag alert in the header and I'll make a big sign below.  No reason to use spoilers, but I can link to specific episodes if people need to skip something and come back to it.  Maybe we won't say too much about previous episodes that way.  Who knows... Otherwise, bring on the popcorn and lets enjoy a good show!!!
      Be Ye Warned!  There Be Spoilers Below!
      The Silhouettes have been Revealed...

    • By PaganMegan
      Posting on Grump's computer, not my Fire. I need to have more than one sentence paragraphs! (I almost posted as The Auld Grump because I hadn't logged Dennis out before logging me in.  )
      From time to time Grump has told me that he has literally dreamed a scenario, and I never really believed him.
      But I told Grump that one of his Christmas presents this year was going to be running a game so he could play for a change.
      Then I realized that I had NO FREAKING CLUE what I was going to run, and almost asked if he would like to run the game WITH me instead.
      Then Saturday night I had a dream where I was running a game, directing a movie, and watching the movie/game and suddenly I knew what I was going to run!
      Grump left out how WICKED AWESOME it is to dream an adventure. Suddenly I know why Grump runs games. I woke up from the dream because I WANTED TO WRITE IT DOWN!
      And it was REALLY nice to have my subconscious send me a message in something other than a nightmare. It sent me the solution!
      Wow, that was still a lot of one sentence paragraphs!
      Strangely, I dreamed I was running/directing/watching an Eberron adventure, even though until yesterday, I had never read any Eberron material, just knew what Grump had told me.
      Eberron is actually pretty awesome, and is NOTHING like Forgettable Realms or Greyhawk. It is its own place, and holds together better than any setting I have read before.
      The dream was a mash up of Casablanca, Raiders of the Lost Arc, National Treasure, and Maltese Falcon. Some of it was narrated by the Grump as Humphrey Bogart.
      The idea is that the PCs start out hired by somebody to track down an artifact that will help the gods manifest on Eberron, instead of the hands off approach that is used in the setting. (Eberron even has atheists!)
      In the dream the introductory patron was this fat naked man that was sometimes a silver dragon, meeting the players in a bath house, while nubile young women scrubbed him. A fat silver dragon, using the human shape to conduct business.
      Part of that is as a dragon, being naked really does not bother him. And part of it is to make the player characters uncomfortable, so they would not spend too much time wondering what he is really up to.
      And what the players don't know at the time is that sometimes he EATS one of those nubile young women.
      He starts as their mentor and patron, both for the players and those young women, but he is really REALLY evil, and wants to use the artifact as a way of controlling the Draconic Prophecy, fulfilling its tenets in such a way that he decides what it means. The women are cultists, but do not know that he is just using (and eating) them. They literally mean nothing to him beyond his own convenience.
      Rescuing the damsels from the dragon will probably be one of the adventures, at least if I know the way Grump thinks. (He WILL try to rescue them!)
      Even after the players learn that the dragon is the bad guy, they will need a patron, and I need to come up with several, good, bad, academic, and mercenary.
      Travel in the adventure will be free as long as they have a patron, and EVERY time they are traveling, something happens, or sometimes THEY happen to somebody else! I picture one of those maps where you see the characters' travels being highlighted with a colored line, like in those old movies.
      And the scene where Indiana Jones is racing his horse alongside a train, then jumping from the horse on top of the train.
      In the civilized areas travel will be by lightning rail, and when going to less civilized areas travel will be by either ship or airship.
      Trying to keep one thing Grump has told me over and over. "An adventure is not the story. The adventure is the framework for the story that the players tell." Don't come up with a single way to handle or solve a problem, come up with three, and expect the players to come up with four, five, and six.
      Doing this like the old serials  and writing each part while running the previous part. I have a general shape for the story, and an idea of where it is going. And most of all, even if the dragon DOES get the artifact, it won't do what he thinks it will do. The dragon is just as much a pawn of the REAL villain as the players start out as the dragon's!
      One of the things I like about Eberron, more than the Pathfinder world, is that the place is designed for globe trotting, and can handle a plot that covers more than one continent, let alone country.
      I am sure that Grump's DMing dreams are more coherent than mine was, but it was WONDERFUL! I went from worrying about the game to really REALLY looking forward to it! I am actually EXCITED about this!
      SO! I am asking for ideas for potential player patrons! One is already in the game, the Wayfinder Foundation, pretty much the Pathfinder Society by a different name. (Or the Pathfinder Society is the one with the different name, since Eberron came first.) I am picturing the leader of the Wayfinder Foundation a lot like the explorer in Up! But I will look up what he supposed to be like before committing to that.
    • By Mutilatedlips
      This is one of my favorites. My friend has me painting this whole set from the module The Scourge of Suderham and the requirement is to have them all painted close to the way they appear on the box.


    • By Mutilatedlips
      crooked resin staff. I snapped the top part trying to straighten out. My friend grabbed and almost broke the bottom part trying to straighten out, thinking it was metal. It doesn't bother me too much, almost looks animated in a way. 
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