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So now that I start working more on this little Grenadier thief, why not turn this into a WIP? IMG_6157.thumb.JPG.9e954d2ca89a4e67ce7f69724256fca0.JPGIMG_6158.thumb.JPG.87b48533d8dcfeb8bda546b692ea3f48.JPG

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IMG_6165.thumb.JPG.c215429193db521d78cf1c1a243dd8a2.JPGSo got a little more done tonight. Time for bed but got everything except metals and gems figures out. 

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So ever have one of those nights you wake up all the sudden with painting on your mind?  That happened to me last night around three so got up and worked on this guy's finishing touches. I'd done the metal in the afternoon. Now I worked on the gold, the dart and a jewel on his sword. Do you guys see the poison on his dart?IMG_6167.thumb.JPG.a1eab82349f011b3311fdeed0e013ded.JPG

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    • By 72moonglum
      So I was feeling a bit nostalgic, alongside of the affection I already hold for old school miniatures, so I've decided to begin "repainting" some old figures I'd done way back when, I'm going to say in 1983 or before/after. I graduated high school in 1986 and after that totally forgot about miniatures until maybe around 2004.
      Anyhow, I've repainted Frito the Thief, a Grenadier model I had when I was young.  With the new version, I did have to resculpt the nose because it was flattened by time.  My other issue was whether I wanted to keep the same color scheme or do something different.  Ultimately I stayed very similiarly with the clothing color scheme, but ended up changing the skin tone and hair color.  I kept an orange turban, but ended up muting the color a tad.  So here's the modern version:

      and now the original version, painted sometime in the eighties:

      and then a few side by side comparisons:

      So what do you think, any progress over the last thirty- odd years? I've got a bunch of these that  I think I'm going to do as time permits.  They really are some very fun miniatures to paint.  The proportions aren't perfect, but they really do have lots of personality!
    • By Ratmaster2000
      So I have been looking at a parts drawer I have that has doubled for Years (okay going on decades now haha) as my metal miniatures storage case till the mini's get painted (so yah it's full haha), and I noticed that I still have ALL of the miniatures belonging to Grenadier's "orcs of the severed hand" collection (white primered btw) and since I am not sure I will ever paint them, I was looking on Ebay to get an idea if it would be worth it. Noble knight is selling one for $95.00, is that a fair accurate price? I may not have the box, but if I do, is that what they would go for? I also have encounter at skull harbor (though mine didn't have a sea monster, older set?) and a WWII set as well:) are these in demand?
    • By Auberon
      The dwarf is the 5th figure that I have painted from the old Grenadier 2007 set.  It was so hideous that I never posted it, partially because I didn't really like the figure and just slapped some paint on it to call it done.  I mean, those eyes were just sculpted circles.  I filled the center with color, edge highlighted the raised outer edge, and then went around them with a shadow color.  If you are an aspiring sculptor... never ever sculpt eyes like it is 1980.  But I was talked into posting it, so blame 72moonglum and Volksfest for the horror.

      For scale, here is the dwarf between and Infinity Nomad and a Reaper bugbear.  Knee-capping is her only option.

    • By Nightwing
      Here is the Grenadier Monsters box set wraith. The glowing green inside his hood and sleeves doesn't show up as brightly in the photos as it is IRL. 

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