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    • By Genghis_Sean
      I recall reading an excellent tutorial a long time ago regarding how best to shoot one's finished minis, but I've been unable to find it.  I largely suck at it.  I'd like to acquire a background against which to shoot, and I don't know from where I could purchase one.  I need to know what kind of lighting is best.  I think I read that you need at least two light sources, and I wondered if a certain kind of bulb was best.  If anybody has the link to that tutorial, I'd like to go over it.  Thanks.
    • By Inarah
      New month, new figures, and maybe some old ones too. 

      About 90 mins later:

    • By Pingo
      I was at Adepticon in the Chicago area earlier this month.  I took pictures.
      The whole album (except for Crystal Brush entry photos) is here, and here are some to look at:


      The legendary Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi!

      The Reaper Paint 'N' Take:


      I took one picture of my work.I brought "Black Moon's Bane", the spelljammer, and a group of my painted minis.

      I also took Crystal Brush photos in a separate file.  Photobucket is being a little wonky, but if I can get them straightened out I will post them by tomorrow.  There were so many beautifully painted minis!
    • By knarthex
      Hey all!
      (I heard that groan!)
      Yes, George is back to pick your collective little grey cells again!
      I have heard that people are using photo shop and such to change the images of figures they are painting to black and white to improve their high lights. Now, I don't have that capability atm, but I can have the Camera do this, I just need to take extra photos...
      So I am going to post some B&W  photos of current WiPs and ask people to comment on the photos as to where I need to high light / shade.
      First up, Vourgha the Ogre:

      Next, the Vulture Demon

      (Use the images from the WIPS with the same date)
      As I look at the pictures, it looks to me as if there are no high lights at all! Now I believe this to be untrue, as when I look at the color images, I can see the high lights, and I darn sure know that I painted them!
      This is what I mean by needing help with using this tool. (Any military ex Photo ops specialists out there?)
      Also, would it be easier to do if I put the color image side by side, (top & Bottom), or is the black and white image enough?
      Thanks all!
      Mods, I believe that this is the right place for this, but I have been wrong before....
      I Can't post photos on the shutter bug area, and the whole discussion is worthless without them...
    • By lexomatic
      So I'm thinking of building terrain "fronts" by taking some leftover foamcore, some photos of buildings, and creating some fold-out support  ('L-shaped?) so that they will stand up.
      Has anyone ever tried this?
      I'm thinking of building fronts because
      a) more easily stored
      b) give me lots of flexibility to create mood
      c) my GNL mats will be used for layouts.
      d) faster than building full, playable bulidings
      I'm wondering about sizing. if I do 12 ft per story, that'll fit on an 8x11 paper? I suppose I should compare it to my existing 2 floor MDF stuff, but different eras.
      I still have no idea yet whether I can find enough photos at sufficient resolution to do this.
      I took one from google streetview (spoilered), which is also  3 storeys. I suppose I will test something out and report back. 
      In the meantime, please make suggestions, refer to other similar projects/products you're aware of.
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