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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

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Dungeon Dwellers Orcs - I wouldn't be surprised if this was already in the works, but I could go for those new orcs in bonesium, along with a couple of leader/champion types.

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Armed peasants. There are a few figures in the 'townsfolk' series of figures that sorta work, but not very many. We need more. Think village militia: a very ragged, non uniform group of peasants/villagers armed with a variety of weapons.


Also, there are a lot of cool older dragons and larger metal figures in the back catalog that would be nice to get in Bonesium.










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Y'know, those Wraiths from Bones IV?  I think they might look nice on some sort of spectral mounts (evil looking unicorns, horses with fiery manes and tails, bat-winged horses, super-gaunt horses with nasty-looking barding, etc).


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I would love to see an entire expansion focusing on underwater races and monsters. I've been gunning to run an aquatic campaign, but it's been tough to find minis to fill it out.

  • Merfolk in various armor
  • Sea Elves
  • Cecaelias (Octopus merfolk)
  • Aquatic Goblins
  • Aquatic Trolls/Scrag
  • Merrow
  • Crab People
  • Marid
  • Selkies in Seal Form
  • Hippocampus
  • Dolphin
  • Eel
  • Stingray/Ixitxachitl
  • Whale Skeleton/Zombie
  • Trilobite/Horseshoe Crab
  • Chuul
  • Aquatic Dragon
  • Sea Serpent
  • Morkoth
  • Plesiosaur
  • Great White Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Thresher Shark
  • Megalodon Shark
  • Wastrilith/Aquatic Demon
  • Piranha Swarm
  • Large Octopus
  • Aboleth
  • Aquatic Naga


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