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T-Shirts: Star Wardrobe

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No fat guy sizes.. sadly an easy will save for me..  not that I could buy a 3x if I wasn't fat, I'm barrel chested which means I'd still need a 5x.. sigh

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    • By Gadgetman!
      Our next Kickstarter T-Shirt is ORIGINAL TRILOGY: Est. 1977. True Jedis know true quality. It is elegant apparel for a more civilized age. Wear. Or wear not. There is no try on. You can't strike a true original down, for it will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. The Force of original fashion will be with you. Always. Some may call you a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder, but when it comes to a true original, they say, "I love it." We know. When this shirt you wear, the last word in fashion you will be. Fashion Force will run strong in you with this. Pass on what you have learned. Frills. Hmph. Excess. A Jedi craves not these things. This shirt may not look like much to some, but it's got it where it counts, kid.
      I'm in for one right now, but may add another, because this one is... just right...  
    • By Gadgetman!
      The People at Antarctic Press is at it again...  
      May the Farce be with them in their endeavor of creating cool T-shirts...   
      Hurry up to pledge, there's only 4 days left.
    • By Gadgetman!
      If you only buy one T-shirt this year... 
      Fair warning:
      There may or may not be IP issues with this one.
    • By MenhirItlerion
      Hello people! i would like to show the modular set of 3D printable terrain (WIP) that allows to build  generic concrete defensive positions.

      Core sets:
      Set 1 *Modular walls to make enclosed bunkers (roof should be made of cut hard paper/foamboard) + enclosed concrete nest
      Set 2 *Modular perimeter walls + dragon teeth/anti vehicle + small concrete nest
      Set 3 *Turret Bunkers: 1 body with 3 different weapons (180mm artillery, single and double  60mm AA turret, and 152mm AT/anti building turret)
      Set 4 *Auxilliaries: radars, diesel tanks, diesel generator, secret doors/trapdoor and ilumination/reflectors
      To come (as stretch goals):
      *Laser guns, telescope options for the turret bunker (set 3)
      *Small remote controlled vehicles for set 1
      *More options for the "Set 4" small turret.
      *Fortress walls modular set (set 5)
      NOTE THAT:  there will be "brand new" and a damaged version for each part, both versions coming together in each kit/set.
      Kickstarter preview page link will be shared in few days ! :)
      3D preview:




      Printed and painted prototypes.



      Showing the "simple U lock" system that holds the modular walls together

      Set 4 is done! :

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