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Time to reflect (vignette)

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Wow, that's great!   Such a powerful little diorama with such a story to tell.  As a viewer you just want to immerse yourself and find out what their relationship is (was)...

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Wow, I also have two of those orange juice caps stored away for just this sort of project!


It looks like they can hold a lot more than just the one large figure I was thinking of.  Good work fitting all of that diorama on there.

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I love this!  Vignettes and dioramas are something I've never tried yet.  My partner just started model trains so I am becoming more acquainted with trees like that and the whole Woodland Scenics line.  Great work, this is beautiful.

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    • By LarsM
      After a long nights work at the Lucky Sunrise Inn, Eric the Bard stepped out of the back-stage door, he had rather heavy bag of gold hanging in his belt, it had been a good night. The streets were empty, and he began the walk home, but as he turned the first corner he saw the most beautifull sunrise over the roof tops. He just had to take his hat off and admire the sight...
      Two old minis, probaly Ral Partha.
      The base is scratch build, mainly from sculpting clay, a bit of wire and green stuff and short piece of plastic tube. The skull and the 'Lucky'-sign (the shield) is from the bits box.
      I tried to work with a bit of NMM, but I'm too satisfied with it. Mostly the handle on the bards sword is a bit off.
      But in overall I'm happy with it, and it was a lot of fun to paint, I'm just a sucker of OSL so hope the effect is visible.
      Any kind critiq is more than welcome, thanks for looking.

    • By Glitterwolf
      So back to reposting my minis after the account crash.
      This is Freebooter winged Vampire Raven, sh swoops down from this ruin to attack Hasslefree's Gen.
      I removed Gen's horns, I wanted her to look more human.
      Gen's pics are linked cause, nude...mammal parts,
      I like the wings, but overall I'm not so proud of this.
      Around this time ( years ago) I noticed my eyesight getting worse.
      Nowadays I use a visor.
    • By AEdge
      A pair of Clerics. Balthazar Ironfaith and Halbarad, Crusader Cleric. 
      This was a wasted opportunity. I should have done some OSL from the glowing sword. Next time maybe...


    • By Kangaroorex
      I put together this little diorama for Vegascat for the Secret Sophie this year.  He had expressed an interest in fantasy or steampunk and I wanted to give him something that would work for either.  The concept is a whos hunting who in a dark hall or around a building corner.  I left the figures attached with wax instead of gluing them down incase Vegascat wanted to use them in a campaign
      I am afraid that recently my skills have fallen off some and it has been a really busy year.  I did find a few spots in the pictures that needed touchup and got them before I sent them out but its still rougher than I would really like (sorry bout that  I am beginning to think I really need glasses) .  I did think that the overall scene came out really well and in particular, the use of a hemming pin as the silver arrow added a really nice highlight and effect.    the actual walls are from some old mage knight dungeon tiles that I picked up years ago.  I literally have hundreds of them and this was an opportunity to use a few up. 
      Anyway, here are the pictures,  Enjoy!

    • By SGHawkins09
      This was my second diorama for ReaperCon 2017 and was the one picked for judging. The idea for it actually began at last year's ReaperCon and was originally going to be the wizard catching the barbarian mousling breaking in. Over the year it evolved into a large scene than originally planned and I swapped out the barbarian for the two thieves/rogues. It ended up getting a gold medal and Mousling Honorable Mention.
      Any feedback would be appreciated.
      Here is the WIP thread: Stop Thief!
      Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback while creating this diorama.

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