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Quick homemade flock

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@wdmartin asked me to post a tutorial for the flock I made for my Bones Mystic Circle. I'd watched videos on how to a couple of times but until now never tried it myself. Wanted to try some different things out instead of my 3 shades of green store bought flock. It's pretty simple and worth trying if you want different colours or small amounts cheap. This recipe filled a little container about an inch deep by 2 inches in diameter.


1. Get some sawdust. I do a little bit of woodworking and house repairs so I just grabbed a 500ml/2 cup yogurt container full of sawdust.

2. I screened it through a cheap kitchen strainer from the dollar store. I use a couple of these for sorting sand and pebbles for basing too.

3. Because it was a test using small amounts I used a styrofoam egg carton for mixing. I did 6 colours in different compartments. I used the lid as a tray under the bottom because I'd already had an accident and found out a lot of the cartoons have small holes in them.

4. Squirt about a 1/2 teaspoon worth of craft paint into  the egg cartoon.

5. Add a roughly equal amount of water.

6. Add screened sawdust and stir until it seems dry or the paint quits soaking the sawdust. I ended up with a little bit of plain sawdust in some batches but it looked ok so I didn't add more paint or water. If the colour isn't dark enough or not mixing well you can vary the proportions of sawdust, water and paint.

7. Let dry for several hours.

8. When it was not quite dry I ground it through the kitchen strainer again to break up the clumps that had formed. Then I spread it out to dry.

9. I wanted fine flock so I ground it through the strainer one last time after it had dried close to 24 hours.


This gave me a handful of different shades of flock most of which I haven't used yet. It would be real easy to up scale this to make a cup or so of flock at a time but I only wanted a little bit for now. I also saved the bigger stuff I screened off for chunkier flock in the future. If people want I can add some photos later. I'm not planning on doing more soon but everything I used is still sitting close at hand.


Here's a video of larger scale flock making that I liked.


edit: Thank you Reaper for having a forum where I can edit the title.

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You can reduce the amount of effort involve in straining the mix if you get a flour sifter.

I have one that operates by squeezing the spring-loaded handle (which gives you a pretty good forearm workout on big jobs), but there are models that use a side-mounted crank handle to do the same job and would probably be less effort (and could easily be mechanised with an electric drill, if you felt so inclined).

If you don't mind spending the money, there are fancy models available that allow you to swap out different grades of mesh screen, but my basic model does the job adequately well.

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