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The Seers and a Wizard Present a Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge!

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lost my dice roller page but here are my official colors for  Kryphrixis   

thanks for including him ; )


16 Primary Cloudy grey = Dirty Grey 
15 Secondary Marine Teal = Winter Blue 
17 Accent Mint Green = Buy I have Moth, but there really is no equal. 

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No problem, he seemed like a good candidate for the theme of "reasonably priced dragons that make us feel good and have a classic dragon style" ::D:


Y'know, your colors look like they'll be pretty nifty. Not really a normal scheme, but you could get a decent storm dragon out of that combo! 

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I sensed that there was a dragon painting challenge....


I chose Stormwing because he was the first one I found in the storage bins. 


So main colour = 8 = True Blue (I don't have True Blue so will be using 29815 Dragon Blue)

Second colour = 6 = Brilliant Green

Third colour = 17 = Marine Teal


I'm pretty sure I can make that work. 

I'm confused about the differences between the star challenges though. 


1 Star = Mix in any combination between your 3 rolled colours and black and white


2 star = You can only mix combinations of your 3 rolled colours


3 star = You can only use your 3 rolled colours plus black and white straight from the bottle, no mixing at all


Are those correct or am I misreading?




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Clarifying that I don't have one of the colours so will be making a substitution from the chart
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1 Star = You must do the shading with the rolled colors mixed with black and white. You can still use stuff like beige for teeth (and shade with mixes of black and white). The base color must still stay true to reading as X color, but is shaded with X+Black and X+White. 


2 Stars = You can use shading colors of your choice, not just mixes of black and white. However, you don't get any additional paint regions to work with (so your red dragon with pink and green can be shaded with purple, but you must find a way to make the red, pink, green, and shaders work for teeth, nails... whatever tiny bits there are). 


3 Stars = 3 rolled colors, black and white. That's it. You can mix paints, that's fine. But you are limited to those bottles. 


Does that help? 

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16 minutes ago, Guindyloo said:

Yep, thank you! I'll be going for the 3 Star then!


I'm thinking the same thing :)  Now to choose a dragon!


er....I somehow missed that first part of "You must select the dragon BEFORE rolling for colors."


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This sounds like fun. I know where Kryphrixis is, so that is the one I will be doing.

The results of the online dice roller were:

13 earth brown

17 marine teal

6  brilliant green

I will be doing the 3 star but probably won't get started until this weekend at the earliest. I am still trying to paint something/anything for ReaperCon.

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This is entirely as a for-fun, no pressure sort of thing (except that we get to giggle if you add to your shelf of shame). Have fun on it when the exchange figure is finished! ::D:

I'll begin when the figure arrives, along with finishing "Mel", and starting a fedora-wearing investigator for the hat shop. I go slow, but these will be a blast. It is a little worrisome thinking about the possibility of colors I might get! I'm going with a Deathsleet. Got Ebonwrath for the boyfriend. 

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Well, let's make it in one post:

1) Dragon = Krikey dragon from Bones 3


2) 3* Challenge


3) What I rolled:

a) 18 = Palomino Gold

b) 7 = Olive Green

c) 12 = Blush Pink

...could be better, could be worse. :P



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4 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:


3) What I rolled:

a) 18 = Palomino Gold

b) 7 = Olive Green

c) 12 = Blush Pink

...could be better, could be worse. :P




that'll be quite an interesting dragon xD bring's 'springtime' to mind, with sunshine and blooming flowers and green leaves

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      btw I touched up the splotchy black base rims after I took this picture. 
      Comments encouraged,
    • By Schirf
      Overall pretty happy with how he turned out. 
      Would love any feedback for improvement...





    • By WhiteWulfe
      Splitting this one off into his own thread, in order to reduce clutter in the original thread, and also because he won't be a random rainbow dragon anymore.
      An employee at a local gaming store introduced me to this model, and shortly after seeing it I pretty much decided I very much so wanted to get my paws on it...  So I did!  Thing is, I don't plan on doing him up in telltale metallic colours, but instead as more of a synthetic creature with a few mechanical elements.
      There will be a number of firsts for me with this project...
      First time drilling and pinning a mini First time painting and THEN assembling a mini Very well might be my first time I start sculpting in a few additional elements in order to have it fully fit my theme (one thought right now is making the engine look a lot more biological) First time removing parts to add back in later (front leg armour plates will block details on the legs, so will be temporarily removed and then added back on later)  

      ^Right out of the box, I had an issue or two with his design.  First and foremost, while those wings are indeed rather gorgeous, they go straight vertical, which bugs me, simply because they hide so much detail, not to mention I personally feel that if it's a mechanical dragon it would have been designed to at least fold up it's wings when they weren't in use.  Secondly, it would have meant I would have to have another element that's painted and then assembled, and I'm more into assembly first, paint second.  Third, all those various extra details along his spine would be pointless at most angles, since they'd be concealed by the gargantuan wings.

      ^So some clippers came out, a few snips and twenty minutes of sanding later, we have it so I can maneuver the wings, and make use of that obvious hinge...  Add in a decent amount of blutak to hold it in place temporarily...

      ^And we now have a much more agreeable to me wingspan!  There's a lot more that can be done with this in my eyes as well, as he could be about to take off, just landing, etc
      That was last week, and catching up from the previous thread.  Now let's get onto the good stuff, aka where we're standing today!

      ^First and foremost, I drilled three pins total per wing... Two 1mm, and one 1.5mm.  Three was probably overkill, but I wanted to be downright certain they'd stay in place.  I also though they'd be easier to guide in, but boy was I wrong on that front!  Took quite a while to get everything lined up how I wanted it.

      ^A bit of superglue later, and we have a cameo appearance from Citadel's Undercoat Black, a paint I used to be able to mark just where I was to drill along the inside of where the wing tabs were originally to go.

      ^Alternate angles showing off his current wingspan, as well as the gaps I'm going to get to fill, and maybe add some additional details into.  We'll see what precisely happens, but I already have two different ideas dancing in my head about what to do there, with one being electrical wiring, cogs/gears, and various other things to play up on the mechanical side, while the other one is trying to go with the thought of some sort of liquid latex muscle structure.  Second one is arguably riskier, but would definitely convey my idea a lot better.
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