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The Seers and a Wizard Present a Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge!

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lost my dice roller page but here are my official colors for  Kryphrixis   

thanks for including him ; )


16 Primary Cloudy grey = Dirty Grey 
15 Secondary Marine Teal = Winter Blue 
17 Accent Mint Green = Buy I have Moth, but there really is no equal. 

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No problem, he seemed like a good candidate for the theme of "reasonably priced dragons that make us feel good and have a classic dragon style" ::D:


Y'know, your colors look like they'll be pretty nifty. Not really a normal scheme, but you could get a decent storm dragon out of that combo! 

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I sensed that there was a dragon painting challenge....


I chose Stormwing because he was the first one I found in the storage bins. 


So main colour = 8 = True Blue (I don't have True Blue so will be using 29815 Dragon Blue)

Second colour = 6 = Brilliant Green

Third colour = 17 = Marine Teal


I'm pretty sure I can make that work. 

I'm confused about the differences between the star challenges though. 


1 Star = Mix in any combination between your 3 rolled colours and black and white


2 star = You can only mix combinations of your 3 rolled colours


3 star = You can only use your 3 rolled colours plus black and white straight from the bottle, no mixing at all


Are those correct or am I misreading?




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Clarifying that I don't have one of the colours so will be making a substitution from the chart
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1 Star = You must do the shading with the rolled colors mixed with black and white. You can still use stuff like beige for teeth (and shade with mixes of black and white). The base color must still stay true to reading as X color, but is shaded with X+Black and X+White. 


2 Stars = You can use shading colors of your choice, not just mixes of black and white. However, you don't get any additional paint regions to work with (so your red dragon with pink and green can be shaded with purple, but you must find a way to make the red, pink, green, and shaders work for teeth, nails... whatever tiny bits there are). 


3 Stars = 3 rolled colors, black and white. That's it. You can mix paints, that's fine. But you are limited to those bottles. 


Does that help? 

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16 minutes ago, Guindyloo said:

Yep, thank you! I'll be going for the 3 Star then!


I'm thinking the same thing :)  Now to choose a dragon!


er....I somehow missed that first part of "You must select the dragon BEFORE rolling for colors."


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This sounds like fun. I know where Kryphrixis is, so that is the one I will be doing.

The results of the online dice roller were:

13 earth brown

17 marine teal

6  brilliant green

I will be doing the 3 star but probably won't get started until this weekend at the earliest. I am still trying to paint something/anything for ReaperCon.

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This is entirely as a for-fun, no pressure sort of thing (except that we get to giggle if you add to your shelf of shame). Have fun on it when the exchange figure is finished! ::D:

I'll begin when the figure arrives, along with finishing "Mel", and starting a fedora-wearing investigator for the hat shop. I go slow, but these will be a blast. It is a little worrisome thinking about the possibility of colors I might get! I'm going with a Deathsleet. Got Ebonwrath for the boyfriend. 

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Well, let's make it in one post:

1) Dragon = Krikey dragon from Bones 3


2) 3* Challenge


3) What I rolled:

a) 18 = Palomino Gold

b) 7 = Olive Green

c) 12 = Blush Pink

...could be better, could be worse. :P



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4 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:


3) What I rolled:

a) 18 = Palomino Gold

b) 7 = Olive Green

c) 12 = Blush Pink

...could be better, could be worse. :P




that'll be quite an interesting dragon xD bring's 'springtime' to mind, with sunshine and blooming flowers and green leaves

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      So, one of my personal mini projects atm is working on some of the NPCs my players in my homebrew campaign are encountering.  And one of my favorite groups in that world are the Hunts - a loose-bound organization of groups (each called a Hunt) of fighters/mercenaries/warriors, each with their own specialty, who dedicated themselves to maintaining the roads and paths of Fidel during the millenia-long anarchy of the Mortal Wars.

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      This is Ebonwrath as painted for the Random Rainbow Dragon challenge as presented here;
      I rolled up;
      Primary Colour: Olive Green
      Secondary colour: Lemon Yellow
      Teriary Colour: Terran Khaki
      I went for the 3 star challenge.
      The colours reminded me of summer in the Australian bush around my parents farm and the Blue Mountains near where I now live, so I went with a base that tried to create that impression.
      Here he is;

      If you are interested the WIP thread is here;
      Please feel free to leave your comments, constructive critisims, ideas or questions here.
      I hope you enjoy looking at this model as I did painting it.
    • By midshipmaneasy
      Ok. I have fallen victim to this insane challenge. More than that I am determined to go for the 3 star challenge. Oh dear!
      In keeping with the spirit of this whole thing I rolled randomly for the dragon and got Ebonwrath.
      As for colours...
      Main: Olive Green
      Secondary: Lemon Yellow
      Tertiary: Terran Khaki

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      I'm kinda on time!

      Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
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      Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it.

      Your challenge is: 9!

      Bonus Challenge: The First!
      (Is this a re-hash? I don't recall.)
      Fall! Modify/paint a mini/minis to be falling/fallen. (Translate fallen how you will.)

      Bonus Challenge: The Second!
      December 14th is National Bouillabaisse Day.  For those unfamiliar, this is a Fish Stew from southern France. Paint a mini that incorporates a fish motif.

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      Stop the presses!
      Bonus, The third!
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      Good luck

      The game is made up and the points don't matter
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      I saw it at the World Model Expo in Chicago this July and had to buy it even though I was basically base painting my first mini ever.  Just couldn't resist.  And I said I wouldn't start her right away because she's pretty damned intimidating.  But after 2 months of sitting in the box, I couldn't keep her in there anymore.

      I decided that the primed parts would be painted separately from the body before being fully joined together.  Those seams blend in naturally and it would be easier to paint separated.  As for the more obvious seams, I attempted some putty magic.

      Color scheme wise, we're going with D&D's Tiamat.
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